The Ultimate Guide to Effective Tasks Management Online

Are you ready to supercharge your team’s productivity and collaboration? Tasks management online is the secret sauce to streamline workflows, enhance team collaboration, and keep everyone accountable. Say goodbye to scattered sticky notes and messy email threads, and step into the world of efficient task management. Let’s dive into the benefits, best practices, and tools that will transform your team’s performance!

Key Takeaways

  • Online task management software is essential for efficient collaboration and progress tracking.
  • Streamline workflows with customizable tools like Trello, Zoho Projects & DoneDone.
  • Prioritize tasks, assign assignments and track progress to get the most out of your team!

The Importance of Online Task Management

A group of people working together on a task management software

In the current dynamic business environment, efficient task management is more important than ever. Online task management tools are the answer to attain a seamless work life by streamlining workflows, boosting team collaboration, and keeping everyone on track and accountable.

Visualize a unified view of tasks, progress, and team communication, all consolidated in one place. That’s the magic of online task management software. Providing a shared workspace where teams can:

  • Work together on tasks using task tracking software
  • Collaborate and communicate effectively
  • Track progress and deadlines
  • Assign and prioritize tasks
  • Share files and documents

Online task management can significantly enhance team collaboration, especially when using task management solutions like free task management software to manage tasks.

Moreover, it works wonders for managing tasks and maintaining progress and accountability, giving a clear picture of how tasks are going and letting teams assign tasks and monitor their progress.

Streamlining Workflows

Online task management tools assist you in staying exceptionally organized, making sure tasks get done on time, and give you the power to set priorities, making them an essential project management tool. Take Trello, for example. Lists and cards are the secret sauce for getting stuff done on a Trello board, making it an ideal tool for a project manager.

Trello’s features include:

  • Boards, lists, and cards for organizing and collaborating
  • Task assignment and tracking
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Customizable workflows
  • Adaptability to changes

These features make online task management tools like Trello indispensable for streamlining workflows, managing recurring tasks, and staying on top of deadlines.

Enhancing Team Collaboration

Sprucing up team collaboration with online task management gives you a one-stop-shop for communication, keeps you in the know at all times, and makes sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to project tasks. Take, for example, Zoho Projects. Team members can be sorted and grouped like a deck of cards - by project, department, or other factors, using a task management system like Zoho Projects.

Trello also eases the process for teams to stay coordinated with a central platform for communication and real-time updates - no more excuses for missed deadlines, making it a great task management app. Team management software, like DoneDone, is a time-saving superhero, helping you keep in touch with multiple teams in a jiffy. Therefore, if you’re seeking to enhance your team collaboration, online task management tools are the perfect solution!

Monitoring Progress and Accountability

Monitoring progress and accountability in online task management guarantees that tasks are done in a timely manner, and that team members are held accountable for their actions. Team updates deliver the goods with instant notifications on all work done by the team. Delegating work using an online task manager keeps everyone in the loop on who’s swamped and who’s got a little more wiggle room.

Tracking progress and accountability is essential for smooth project management and ensuring that tasks are completed efficiently.

DoneDone: The Simple Solution for Small Businesses

A screenshot of a task list in DoneDone
Task management in DoneDone

DoneDone is a handy, user-friendly solution for small businesses, providing a comprehensive task tracker and shared inbox for managing projects and customer support. It offers a set of features that make it a breeze for small biz, including:

  • A user-friendly interface
  • Ticketing system
  • Integrations
  • Workflows
  • In-app notifications
  • Project tracking
  • Shared inboxes

DoneDone stresses simplicity and provides only what small businesses truly require, avoiding unnecessary complexity and clutter. This makes it the perfect task management software for small biz.

DoneDone makes managing projects and customer support for small businesses a cinch by providing an integrated solution. It combines customer support software, project management, and bug tracking into one neat package. With DoneDone, small businesses can effortlessly track and manage issues, bugs, tasks, and support requests. It offers a shared inbox and task tracker with an effortless workflow, making task management and customer support a breeze.

Key Features of DoneDone

DoneDone has got it all: custom filters, ticket pages for all your discussions and updates, and the ability to connect internal tasks with customer support emails - how cool is that?

DoneDone comes loaded with a plethora of useful features:

  • Setting priorities for each ticket
  • Adding project notes and comments
  • Asset management for organizing files
  • Help desk features
  • Ticket management
  • Conversation assignment
  • Linked conversations to internal tasks

By connecting tasks to support conversations, DoneDone guarantees that the support staff and back office team are always aligned, so feedback and requests are always linked to real tasks. It’s the perfect way to keep internal work in harmony with customer support requests.

Benefits of Using DoneDone

Using DoneDone for small businesses comes with numerous benefits, including:

  • Effortless task and customer support integration
  • Simple team management
  • Boosted efficiency
  • A super-friendly interface

DoneDone makes client onboarding a breeze by providing an effortless task tracker and shared inbox. That way, agencies and teams can easily manage projects, campaigns, and customer feedback.

With DoneDone, you can get up and running in minutes - no sweat. DoneDone can help you save time with features like:

  • Bulk editing
  • Automated ticket reassignment
  • A Harvest integration to track time against tickets
  • A Calendar and Dashboard for monitoring activity in real-time

Moreover, DoneDone makes it a cinch to manage multiple projects and inboxes in one dashboard, allowing you to effortlessly switch between different inititiatives and have all the info in one neat dashboard.

Choosing the Right Online Task Management Software

A man in deep thought

When deciding which online task management software is most suitable for you, you need to consider your individual needs and wants, scalability, user-friendliness, future-proofing, budget, and the ability to collaborate and communicate. While considering different online task management software, you need to look for features such as planning and scheduling, collaboration, automation, views, and integrations. Everything you need to stay organized and find the right task management software for your needs!

To determine if DoneDone is the ideal project management solution for your organization, you should consider factors such as:

  • The requirements of all your teams
  • The features and capabilities of DoneDone
  • Reviews
  • Team adoptions

Trying before buying online task management software is the way to go - it’s the only way to make sure it’s the perfect fit for your business. Plus, you get to test out all the features and get a good feel for how the software works before you commit.

Assessing Your Needs

To assess your team’s needs and identify specific features and functionalities required for your workflow, start by considering the aims and ambitions of your team, as well as the project types that DoneDone can make a real difference for. These include:

DoneDone can cater to team workflow needs by providing:

  • Customizable workflows, allowing teams to determine their own statuses and rules to manage their work with precision
  • Personalization options to customize DoneDone to specific processes and requirements
  • Task assignment feature to assign tasks to team members
  • Real-time progress tracking to keep track of task progress
  • Issue management feature to effectively manage and resolve issues

With these features, DoneDone can boost team workflow and collaboration.

Comparing Features and Pricing

When comparing features and pricing of various online task management tools, remember that paid versions offer additional benefits such as:

  • Top-notch project tracking and reporting
  • Integration with other tools and platforms
  • Priority support
  • Customizations and branding options
  • Advanced security and access controls
  • And more

For example, DoneDone offers two pricing editions ranging from a low of $4 to a high of $8, along with a free trial option.

DoneDone stands out from the competition with its blend of functionality and simplicity, offering features such as task tracking, collaboration, and project organization at an unbeatable price. Plus, it has a user-friendly interface that makes it a breeze to use.

Be sure to compare the features and pricing of different task management tools to find the one that gives you the most value.

Trying Before Buying

It’s obvious! Trying before purchasing online task management software is the best strategy - it’s the only way to make sure it’s the perfect fit for your business. Plus, you get to test out all the features and get a good feel for how the software works before you commit. If you’re curious about DoneDone, you can take it for a test drive with a free trial run on their website, enjoying all the features during the free trial.

You’ll have a premium experience with DoneDone for 14 days, enjoying all the features during the free trial. This allows you to truly experience the software and decide if it’s the right fit for your business before committing to a purchase.

Integrating Online Task Management with Other Tools

A pile of puzzle pieces waiting to be connected

Integrating online task management with other tools can significantly improve your team’s efficiency, thanks to increased visibility and collaboration, centralized management, improved accountability, streamlined workflows, and enhanced communication. DoneDone, for example, is all about collaboration, partnering with some of the best tools out like Zapier, Harvest, and GitHub.

By visually representing the steps and resources required for each task, DoneDone can pinpoint areas where there may be a lack of resources or where tasks are taking longer than expected. This mapping process helps to identify and eliminate potential bottlenecks, ultimately improving the overall efficiency of the project workflow.

Common Integrations

Common integrations that can heighten the overall functionality of your task management system include communication tools, file storage, and time tracking software. DoneDone, for example, can integrate with all the swanky systems like Google Drive file storage.

Moreover, DoneDone integrates well with Harvest allowing you to monitor your time directly from your DoneDone tasks and conversations. Integrating these tools with your online task management system can help streamline your team’s workflows and improve efficiency.

Tips for Effective Online Task Management

Efficient online task management involves:

  • Task prioritization
  • Task delegation and assignment
  • Tracking progress
  • Adjusting plans as required

By using processes like the Pareto principle to identify high-priority tasks and focusing on completing them first, you can ensure efficient task completion and better overall project outcomes.

Delegating and assigning tasks is also crucial for efficient task completion. Assign tasks to team members based on their skills, expertise, and availability to ensure tasks are completed quickly and efficiently. Incorporating task assignments into your workflow helps in tracking progress and adjusting plans by monitoring task completion, identifying bottlenecks, and making necessary changes to keep projects on track and meet deadlines.

Prioritizing Tasks

A DoneDone ticket that is being prioritized

The Pareto principle, alternatively known as the 80/20 rule, states that 80% of the outcomes result from just 20% of the causes. In terms of task prioritization, this means you can focus on the most impactful tasks and allocate your time and resources accordingly. By identifying the 20% of tasks that will provide 80% of the results and prioritizing those above the rest, you can maximize productivity and efficiency in task management.

Prioritizing tasks in a project management context can help with:

  • Time management
  • Productivity
  • Resource allocation
  • Decision-making
  • Stress reduction
  • Better project outcomes

In other words, it’s pretty darn useful.

Delegating and Assigning Tasks

While delegating and assigning tasks, it’s important to consider the capabilities, expertise, and availability of team members. Plus, don’t forget to furnish clear instructions and timelines, and keep tabs on progress to ensure tasks are completed in a jiffy.

DoneDone is a simple and lightweight task management tool that offers the following features:

  • Assign tasks to team members
  • Track progress
  • Mark tasks as complete
  • Set due dates
  • Add comments, tags, and attachments to tasks
  • Organize tasks with statuses
  • Use the shared inbox to manage customer issues
  • Link tasks and conversations for seamless communication with the whole team

With these features, DoneDone helps you stay organized and on-time with your tasks.

Tracking Progress and Adjusting Plans

For tracking progress and adjusting plans, monitor task completion closely, identify bottlenecks, and make necessary changes to ensure projects stay on track and meet deadlines. With DoneDone, you can craft tasks, assign them to the team, set deadlines, and keep an eye on each task’s progress.

Plus, with DoneDone’s shared inbox feature, you can:

  • Centralized communication, reducing the risk of missed messages or duplicating work.
  • Foster transparency and accountability within the team, as everyone can see which customer inquiries have been resolved and which are still open.
  • Enable faster response times to customer inquiries or client requests, as there's no need to wait for one specific person to check their emails.
  • Manage and distribute workload evenly among team members, as tasks can be assigned directly within the shared inbox.
  • Encourage collaboration and team cohesion, as everyone has access to the same information and can work together more effectively.


In conclusion, harnessing the power of online task management tools like DoneDone can revolutionize your team’s productivity and collaboration. By streamlining workflows, enhancing team collaboration, monitoring progress, and integrating with other tools, you can create a customized and efficient task management system that keeps your projects on track and your team members accountable. Give it a try and unlock your team’s full potential!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I keep track of my tasks online?

To keep track of tasks online, consider using a task management software like DoneDone which allows you to organize, customize, and reorder your tasks.

What are some common integrations for online task management systems?

Integrations like communication tools, file storage, and time tracking software are invaluable for optimizing task management systems. You'll never have to worry about miscommunication or keeping track of where the latest version of a file is again!

How can customizing workflows in DoneDone improve team efficiency?

Customizing workflows in DoneDone allows teams to tailor the task management system to their specific needs, ultimately streamlining their workflow and leading to improved efficiency.

What is the Pareto principle, and how can it help with task prioritization?

The Pareto principle, or 80/20 rule, says that 80% of outcomes come from 20% of the causes. This can help with task prioritization by allowing you to identify and focus on the most impactful tasks, maximizing efficiency and productivity.

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