For college & university facilities management

Manage university facilities the calm and efficient way.

Streamline all your facilities management requests, work orders, campus events, equipment upgrades, and team communications in one beautifully organized system.

Getting everyone on the same page to manage an entire campus facility can be daunting.
Juggling building repair requests, equipment needs, campus-wide events, and other project tasks can be chaotic and overwhelming.

Wasting time switching between multiple apps for communications, tracking your to-do list, and managing projects can mean that your team's most important work either doesn't get done or takes longer than it should.
Get everyone and everything rowing in the same direction with DoneDone.
Use DoneDone Mailboxes to forward all of your various campus email addresses to one central place. Prioritize, assign, give status updates, coordinate privately, and organize all of your tickets with ease.

Use DoneDone Projects for your management team to delegate work to maintenance, IT, and facilities staff. Never lose track of tasks and requests again!

Easily track everything that needs to get done on campus.

The simple task tracker and shared inbox that's made for everyone.

Email Management

Coordinate with faculty, students, IT departments, and maintenance workers with a simple task tracker and shared inbox.

Was the electrical fixed in Room 101? Is the PA system working in the tech building? What's the status of that Spring semester event booking? DoneDone ends the confusion. Receive requests, create task deadlines, and manage tenant communication directly from DoneDone.

History Trail

Use the task history feature in DoneDone to get a complete picture of what happened and who said what, when.

Keep track of all requests, when your team responds to them, and when they're fixed. A complete task history whenever you need it.

Track Maintenance Requests

Streamline every step of the maintenance request process.

New tenants can email their rental application directly to your shared inbox for your property management team track, review, approve, and reject.

Easy for Everyone

DoneDone keeps it simple for your facilities management team and university members alike.

DoneDone is facilities management software that's easy enough for everyone. All your work, your files, and your team emails are in one place with virtually no learning curve.

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"As individuals we're getting back between 2 and 7 hours a week. We're even rethinking our meeting schedules because we have less fire drills."

Service Manager, Office of Classroom Management

We like growing our tent. 🎪

In 2009 we created a bug tracker for digital agencies. That modest bug tracker is now used by facility management teams to manage classrooms, equipment rentals, IT issues and more. 🤗

Designed to be simple, forever.

You shouldn't need a PhD to use facilities management software. If you know how to use a web browser and email, you know how to use DoneDone.

Get everyone working together.

Why are your students, staff and teachers working separately from your service team? Get them working together in DoneDone.

Created for the entire team, not just managers.

Use a simple shared inbox solution that includes your office team, tech crew and everyone else that makes your university a success.

Connect your apps

Integrate with all your favorite property management tools.

Slack? Google Drive? Zapier? DoneDone integrates with them all. Take advantage of top integrations to get your whole marketing ecosystem working together.

Simple university facilities management software.

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