Project management

It’s not project planning. It’s project doing. Get done with DoneDone.

Spend all that time
DoneDone saves you
on watering your
desk plants regularly.
Dashboard overviews,
issue deadlines, and
task reports at
your fingertips.
Track tasks,
customize workflows,
and assign issues
with ease.
Be the calm, collected
project manager you've
always wanted to be.
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Integrated task management made simple

Develop a repeatable task management framework with DoneDone Workflows.

Keep tasks moving along by using a built-in DoneDone Workflow or creating your own. Due dates, assignees, comments, tags, statuses, and attachments make sure everyone has what they need to prioritize and get work done.

Work on projects the way your team works best

Whether it's scrum, Kanban, a hybrid method, or something completely your own, DoneDone keeps you organized.

Inside a DoneDone Project, effortlessly swap between a traditional list view and a Kanban board. Quickly filter your work by assignees, tags, priorities, statuses, due dates, and much more.

Project execution and cross-team collaboration done right

Keep your staff focused on the details while you stay focused on the big picture.

Create linked sub-tasks to break down larger tasks into bite-sized chunks of work for your production team. Link tasks to support conversations to keep internal work aligned with customer support requests.

A clear picture of your entire company’s progress

From afar or at ground level, keep a pulse on your internal company initiatives and external support feedback.

Swap between the DoneDone Calendar and Dashboard for a real-time gauge of your team’s activity. Easily filter through conversations and tasks across all of your Mailboxes and Projects.

Simple task tracking features

Avoid overly complex workflows and processes with a tool that has everything you need and nothing you don't.
  • Workflows & Statuses
  • Priorities
  • Assignees & Watchers
  • Due Dates
  • Kanban View
  • Task Templates
  • Calendar & History
  • Drag & Drop Files
  • Link Task-to-Task
  • Link Task-to-Conversation
  • Tagging
  • Bulk Editing
  • Reporting
  • Email Notifications
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