Help desk and project management: two reasons it’s a perfect pairing

During the growth phase for many businesses, one of the first pain points they experience is with their tech stack—specifically, their help desk and project management tools.

As businesses acquire more customers, it becomes clear that the shared inbox they're using for customer support just isn’t going to scale. As they hire and build out internal teams, the pain felt by a lack of formal project management grows acutely.

This is when businesses move from being problem-aware to solution-aware: they start creating their help desk tools list and evaluating project management software to address these growing pains. They’ll compare features and price in order to decide which tools will meet their needs.

Once they’ve narrowed down their choices, they’ll try to figure out which help desk for customer support pairs best with which project management tool. They’ll ask themselves: how well do each of these tools integrate with one another? Will this pairing scale as business continues to grow?

At some point, they’ll take a leap and make a purchase.... And then about two or three years later, they’ll outgrow these tools. They’ll end up back at square one, reevaluating their tech stack and going through the same decision process all over again.

The case for why your help desk and project management tools should be one in the same

What if it were possible to turn this typical business story completely on its head?Imagine a scenario where a business never outgrows their help desk or project management tool; imagine the possibility of a business growing with their tech stack, instead.Sounds like a fantasy, right?

Wrong.The era of cobbling together your help desk and project management tools, only to find yourself reevaluating them a few years later, is over. The future lies in a solution that pairs your help desk and project management together.

Here are two major benefits of selecting a tool that combines both a help desk and project management into one:

Benefit #1: Scalability

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a tool that offers both project management and customer support is its ability to scale with your business as you grow.

And if you know anything about customer support, you know that investing in building a solid, scalable customer service strategy is critical to building a sustainable, customer-centric business.

Help desk platforms enable teams to communicate with customers across a variety of channels (email, social, chat).

Using the help desk, customer support agents flag product feature requests and common questions. They’ll then share this feedback with the rest of the company to inform changes and improvements.

But as teams grow in complexity and size, it gets clunky to transfer customer feedback from the help desk to the project management tools that marketing, sales and product teams use.The voice of the customer gets lost in the mix.

That’s why an all-in-one solution for project management and customer support is so much more scalable for growing businesses.

simple help desk banner image

With a platform like DoneDone, support teams can quickly tag and pass valuable customer feedback from the support mailbox directly into the product, marketing or sales team’s project folders... right within the platform.

Team size, complexity and process are no longer hurdles to be overcome, as all teams live and work within the same ecosystem.

Benefit #2: Simplified workflows and task management

With your help desk and project management living together under one roof, your team is better able to collaborate, create efficient processes and stay organized.

The very definition of a “tool” is an object used to carry out a particular function or task. So by their very nature, tools should help you accomplish tasks... not hinder your ability to do so.

But as businesses grow and teams expand, a customer support agent might find herself in a situation where she’s jumping between various processes, documents and tools just to get one customer support ticket answered.

In other words, as businesses grow, inefficiencies grow along with them.

Processes get too complex and then break down. People and teams stop being able to collaborate effectively. In the end, the customer experience suffers.

That’s where having one tool to manage customer support and projects comes in handy.

projects and mailboxes

With a tool like DoneDone, workflows and task tracking are simplified, even when they cross teams or departments. You can easily see who's working on what and where things are at. Collaboration and communication are made easy.

Remember that customer support ticket that needed some input? Get a status update right then and there, without ever logging out of one tool and into another.

Help desk and project management: a customer-first combo

In the end, customers don’t care which tools you use—they just want to know you’re able to help them if and when they need it.

One tool simplifies internal communication, workflows and task management. Ultimately making it easier for you to collaborate, get answers to customer questions fast, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

By selecting a tool that handles project management and customer support in one, you’re selecting a tool that puts the voice of the customer front and center.  As you build and scale your business, that’s the best investment you can make.

DoneDone is an all-in-one help desk and project management tool

There are many ways you can use DoneDone to help your team work better, together. From managing projects, to task tracking and handling customer support, DoneDone handles interactions with your team and your customers.

Get started with a free 30-day trial today.

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