Streamline Your Support Tickets with DoneDone's New Conversation Merge Feature

If you work in customer support, chances are you've received multiple tickets about the same issue from different people, even when they're on the same team. This can be frustrating and time-consuming when you have to respond to each ticket individually. Even worse, some customers might submit multiple support tickets about the same issue, complicating matters further. Fortunately, DoneDone has a new highly requested feature that can help you consolidate and organize similar support tickets. Say hello to Conversation Merge! 👋

So, what is Conversation Merge, and how does it work? Put simply, Conversation Merge allows you to merge multiple Mailbox Conversations into a single thread, making it easier to streamline your work and improve your workflow. Once you merge conversations, all the messages are combined into one thread, so you won't have to go back and forth between different emails to respond to customer inquiries.

To merge conversations in DoneDone, follow these simple steps. First, select the Mailbox Conversations you want to merge. Then, click the "Merge..." button. DoneDone will automatically combine the selected conversations into one thread. It's that simple!

Here's a handy help doc if you want more information about using Conversation Merge.

One of the biggest benefits of Conversation Merge is that it can help you stay organized and consolidate your support tickets. When you have multiple tickets about the same issue, it can be challenging to keep track of what you've responded to and what you haven't. By merging conversations, you can consolidate your emails and make sure no customer inquiry gets lost in the shuffle.

At DoneDone, our goal is to make your work easier and more efficient. We understand that customer support can be challenging at times, particularly when you have multiple tickets about the same issue.

That's why we've introduced Conversation Merge, a powerful tool to help you streamline your work and improve your customer support experience. With Conversation Merge, you can stay organized, consolidate your tickets , and make sure no customer inquiry goes unanswered.

Thanks for choosing DoneDone, and happy merging! 🚀

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