Top 7 Easy to Use Project Management Software Picks for Agencies in 2024

Navigating through today’s array of project management software can be daunting, especially when swift setup and ease of use are priorities for your agency. This article zeroes in on easy to use project management software that agencies can adopt for efficient task handling in 2024, promising you insights into tools that blend functionality with simplicity.

Key Takeaways

  • DoneDone dazzles with simplicity, slicing through the complexity of project management like a hot knife through butter - think task creation, deadline tracking, plus a dash of client kudos with an email-to-task superhero cape.
  • Say goodbye to ‘feature frenzy’ and hello to intuitive interfaces. DoneDone isn’t just easy on the eyes; it’s like project management in pajamas - comfy and familiar.
  • It’s not just about managing tasks; it’s about herding them like a benevolent taskmaster. DoneDone brings the Zen, turning the chaos of spreadsheets and emails into a finely-tuned symphony of tickets, timelines, and teamwork.

Unveiling the Simplicity of DoneDone for Agency Project Management

Amidst the abundance of project management tools, DoneDone carves out a niche for itself with its commitment to simplicity, user-friendliness, and efficiency. This user-friendly tool is a hit among project managers because it keeps things straightforward. No more sifting through complex options or dealing with redundant features. DoneDone focuses on the essentials like task creation, due dates, and progress tracking, all within an intuitive interface that focuses on core project management needs.

However, the simplicity of DoneDone belies its power to manage a diverse range of project management tasks. From tracking project progress and managing resources and schedules to handling client feedback, DoneDone is designed to suit the fast-paced work environment of agencies without a steep learning curve.

Streamlining Client Communication

Client communication holds a pivotal role in the domain of agency work. DoneDone takes client communication to the next level by empowering clients to participate directly in the ticket resolution system. The intuitive nature of the platform allows for quick and straightforward client onboarding to manage client tickets efficiently.

DoneDone also comes with a clever feature that converts client emails into tasks. This means every email sent by a client is now an actionable task that the team can easily track and take action on. DoneDone goes the extra mile to bolster the client-agency relationship by ensuring efficient communication management.

Simplified Task Consumption

Illustration of a task being broken down into smaller manageable pieces

DoneDone takes the concept of task management and simplifies it for teams. It allows teams to break complex tasks into smaller, more manageable pieces. This way, teams can focus on completing each task effectively, enhancing productivity.

This method of task management also brings about clarity in project progress. With each task broken down, teams get a clear overview of what’s been done and what’s pending. This not only streamlines the project management process but also brings about a sense of accomplishment as tasks get completed and checked off.

The Essentials of Easy-to-Use Project Management Software

In the domain of project management software, user-friendliness reigns supreme. The best project management software is characterized by intuitive interfaces, features like task linkages, and the ability to efficiently share project information. User-friendly software platforms prioritize intuitive user experiences and navigation that require minimal clicks or trouble to perform tasks.

A minimal learning curve is another aspect of easy-to-use project management tools. Quick setup capabilities and an interface that simplifies onboarding of new users are also key features of simple project management software. Among the best project management tools, there are various project management apps, including a project management app with free project management software options like:

  • Nifty
  • Trello
  • ClickUp
  • Smartsheet
  • Asana
  • TeamGantt
  • GanttPro

that are recognized for their user-friendliness and ease of learning. Let’s delve further into how DoneDone encapsulates these essential features, too.

Intuitive Design and User Experience

A clean, clear interface in project management software is imperative for enabling users to adapt quickly and manage tasks effectively with minimal training. DoneDone is a prime example of this, with its user-friendly interface facilitating quick adaptation for new clients, especially those unfamiliar with ticket systems.

The focus on ease of use with minimal training requirements makes DoneDone suitable for small agency teams and clients with varying degrees of experience in project management. Moreover, an intuitive design in project management software like DoneDone improves operational efficiency by enabling a clearer understanding of roles and more effective task management.

Straightforward Task Creation and Assignment

Efficient task creation and assignment are key to streamlining project management within software platforms. DoneDone takes this a step further by simplifying the reassignment of tasks, leading to time savings and an enhanced overall management process.

This ease of task creation and assignment allows teams to focus on the tasks at hand instead of wrestling with the tool itself. It’s a boon for project managers who need to assign and track tasks without having to navigate through complex interfaces or follow convoluted workflows.

Real-Time Progress Tracking

Maintaining up-to-date progress in project management is of utmost importance. DoneDone offers real-time updates, providing immediate visibility into project status, enabling quick detection and resolution of issues.

The use of visual project tracking tools, such as Kanban boards, helps streamline task transitions and provides updated insights on project progress. Moreover, modern project management tools like DoneDone offer features for real-time updates on resource assignment, enhancing visibility for better decision-making.

Collaborative Features That Enhance Team Productivity

Appropriate collaboration and communication are vital for maintaining alignment among team members and ensuring projects stay on track. In this context, DoneDone offers collaborative features that improve team communication, such as file sharing, commenting, and maintaining project visibility, ensuring that all stakeholders are aligned and informed.

With its task management streamlined, and team collaboration features focused on core project management needs, DoneDone creates an intuitive environment conducive to an stress-free experience, which is key to effective project management.

Seamless Integration with Other Tools

Integration with other essential apps is a key feature of modern project management tools. DoneDone integrates with apps such as Google Drive and Slack, leveraging existing user workflows to boost productivity.

DoneDone’s integrations extend to various third-party apps such as:

  • GitHub
  • Google Drive
  • Slack
  • Harvest
  • Zapier

This expands its usability within different apps in your stack.

Effective Resource Management Tools

Optimal resource management is paramount in the realm of project management. Tools like DoneDone offer features such as automated task re-assignment that facilitate better resource allocation and reduce manual errors.

Resource management features including capacity planning tools help in managing team member schedules and preventing overworking by ensuring even distribution of tasks. Features for resource forecasting and capacity planning allow project managers to anticipate future resource needs and adjust team workloads accordingly for balanced distribution and better productivity.

Time tracking capabilities within DoneDone using its integration with Harvest help to record and monitor the actual time spent on tasks, providing data to optimize team performance and productivity.

DoneDone: A Closer Look at a Simple Yet Powerful Tool

DoneDone transcends the realm of a typical project management tool. It’s a task, bug, and issue tracker software that allows users to manage projects and customer support in one platform, catering specifically to small businesses in sectors like digital marketing agencies, software development, IT, and education.

DoneDone offers a variety of features to accommodate diverse project management styles, making it an ideal project management solution. These features include:

  • Scrum and Kanban
  • Time tracking integration for deep insights and accurate client billing
  • Simple reporting capabilities
  • Comprehensive client support options with a simple ticket portal and efficient communication tools

What sets DoneDone apart is its simple subscription plans: the ‘Collaborate’ plan at $5 per user per month, and the ‘Outreach’ plan at $12 per user per month, with the application offering API and webhook integration for customization.

Managing Multiple Projects with Ease

Handling numerous projects at once poses a frequent challenge for digital agencies. DoneDone’s dashboard is designed to enable management of multiple initiatives, which is highly beneficial for digital agencies that handle numerous clients.

The scope of task management in DoneDone covers a wide array of company activities, from marketing to product development, as well as personal tasks like event planning. DoneDone simplifies the process of support ticket management, allowing teams to effectively deal with queries from different clients in one unified place.

Customization and Flexibility

A quality project management tool incorporates flexibility and customization as its essential aspects. DoneDone offers the following features to improve project workflow and visibility:

  • Customization of task list filters
  • Custom filters to view tasks by specific criteria such as assignee, status, or due date
  • Tailoring of tickets to accommodate diverse project requirements

These project management features allow for a high degree of flexibility in managing complex projects.

Ticket pages in DoneDone provide options for:

  • Discussion
  • Updates
  • Prioritization
  • Assignment
  • Tagging
  • File attachment
  • Linking to external resources like Google

This fosters thorough task management, taking into account task relationships.

Overcoming Common Project Management Challenges

Each project management tool is designed to address specific challenges. In the case of DoneDone, its features include:

  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Minimal training requirement
  • Quick setup without delays
  • Aid in the alerting of approaching deadlines
  • Automated ticket reassignment

DoneDone Projects solves the issue of managing clunky spreadsheets and confusing tools which can cause team disconnection and project delays. Additionally, DoneDone’s ease of use fosters enhanced collaboration, as team members can communicate effectively and manage tasks with less confusion, ensuring that everyone is accountable for their part of the project.

Bridging the Gap Between Teams and Clients

Promoting seamless collaboration between teams and clients is a significant hurdle in project management. DoneDone addresses this crucial issue, offering a solution that leads to harmonized team efforts, more efficient project management, and, ultimately, increased client satisfaction.

Clients can be directly involved in the ticket resolution process with DoneDone, fostering transparency and collaboration, and making them active participants in the workflow. Utilizing DoneDone’s unified platform, team members can manage client support tickets across multiple clients, bridging the gap between internal project management and external client communications.

Quick Setup and Onboarding

An intensive learning curve and a prolonged onboarding process can act as obstacles when selecting a project management tool. DoneDone enables teams to start projects quickly by eliminating the need for installation or intricate onboarding processes.

Teams can begin using DoneDone immediately thanks to its user-friendly interface and minimal onboarding requirements. This means less time spent in training and more time on getting the work done, a win-win for any agency.

Advantages of Kanban Boards in Task Management

The popularity of Kanban boards in project management software is justified by their multiple advantages. They offer numerous advantages such as enhancing workflow visualization and allowing teams to see task stages at a glance and track progress in real time.

Moreover, the visual nature of Kanban boards offers several benefits:

  • Increases project transparency, making individual workloads and task assignments clear to the entire team
  • Leads to increased productivity and efficiency within teams
  • Enables teams to accomplish more with less effort

Employing Kanban boards can greatly improve project management and team collaboration.

Visual Workflow Representation

The significance of visual representation is particularly pronounced in project management. Kanban boards help visualize the workflow and show the status of work at a glance, providing a clear view of project progress.

Visual cues such as status color and location on Kanban boards indicate the status of tasks, making it easy to spot areas requiring attention. Task statuses can be effortlessly updated on Kanban boards by dragging cards to new columns, reflecting their current progress.

The option to switch between Kanban boards and traditional list views caters to diverse workflow preferences among teams.

Prioritizing and Organizing Work

Beyond visualization, Kanban boards serve as effective instruments for work prioritization and organization. Tasks on a Kanban board can be easily prioritized by reordering them within the columns.

Furthermore, cards on a Kanban board can be organized using filters, tags, and sorting options to enhance findability and workflow management. This way, teams can focus on what matters most, ensuring an efficient workflow and timely project completion.

Comparing DoneDone to Other Project Management Apps

Despite DoneDone’s numerous advantages, it’s intriguing to compare it with other project management applications. DoneDone offers:

  • A simplified user interface which is appreciated for its ease of use compared to Jira’s bloated interface
  • A simple feature set compared to Asana’s expansive list of features that may be overwhelming

Despite the competition, DoneDone differentiates itself with a cleaner product experience and integrated client communication features whereas competitors like Trello boast automation tools and analytics, Jira supports Agile methodology with customizable workflows, and Redmine offers a free, open-source solution.

Key Differentiators

So, what distinguishes DoneDone from its counterparts? One of the key differentiators is its focus on providing a cleaner and simpler product experience. In today’s world where software platforms are often bloated with features, DoneDone’s minimalist approach is a breath of fresh air.

Another unique aspect of DoneDone is its integrated client communication features. DoneDone offers email-to-ticket features for those clients who prefer working in email while empowering your team with the ability to track client emails as tickets.

Additionally, DoneDone’s ticket portal allows your email prone clients the ability to access their tickets through a simple streamlined portal that doesn’t require memorizing yet another set of usernames and passwords.

User Feedback and Reviews

The effectiveness of a software tool is best attested by user feedback and reviews. While Asana has been rated at 4.5 out of 5 by over 12,000 customers on Capterra, Trello also enjoys a good reputation with a customer rating of 4.5 out of 5, based on feedback from over 22,500 customers.

However, DoneDone has won users over with its promise of simplicity and efficiency. Its user-friendly interface, robust collaboration features, and seamless integration with other tools have garnered positive feedback from users across different industries.


To sum it up, DoneDone offers a powerful yet simple solution for project management. Its focus on essential features, intuitive design, and integrated client communication sets it apart from other tools in the market. By streamlining task management and fostering collaboration, DoneDone not only bridges the gap between teams and clients but also enhances team productivity. As a result, it ensures that project management is not a cumbersome process but a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is project management for beginners?

Project management is the art of guiding a team to successfully complete a project by planning, organizing, and executing a plan to meet specific goals. It involves ensuring the project stays within budget and on schedule. So, it's basically like juggling, but with more spreadsheets.

What is the best project management tool free?

If you're looking for the best free project management tool, Trello, Zoho Projects, or ClickUp are great options to consider. Choose the one that fits your specific project needs and team dynamics.

What is the most basic project management software?

Trello, ClickUp, Smartsheet, and Asana are great options for anyone new to project management - they are all super easy to use! Try one of these to kickstart your project.

What sets DoneDone apart from other project management tools?

DoneDone stands out from other project management tools with its clean and simple product experience, emphasizing essential features and integrating client communication for seamless project and client interaction management. No need for extra clutter; DoneDone's got you covered.

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