How DoneDone Helps Small Businesses Tackle Projects with Ease - A Simple Guide to Team Management

Small businesses have unique needs when it comes to effective team management. They often don't have the resources or bandwidth to invest in complex team management tools and systems.

That's where DoneDone comes in - a simple, yet powerful task tracker and shared inbox that helps small businesses cover their projects and customer support in one easy app.

DoneDone makes effective team management simple so small business owners can focus on what they do best - running their business!

In this post, we will take a closer look at how DoneDone can help small businesses tackle projects and customer support with ease.

The struggle is real: the challenges small businesses face when managing projects and teams

Small businesses often face a number of challenges when it comes to managing projects and teams.

First, they need to ensure that their team is staying on task and meeting deadlines. This can be especially difficult when teams are spread out across different locations (or even time zones). It can be even more challenging when working with remote teams.

Second, they need to ensure that everyone is on the same page - from the project manager to the stakeholders to any external contractors.

And thirdly, they need a way to keep track of customer inquiries and ensure that they are being addressed in a timely manner.

What is team management?

Team management is the process of organizing and managing tasks within a team, with the goal of achieving project objectives in an efficient and timely manner. This includes assigning tasks, tracking progress, team collaboration, and ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

What are team management strategies?

Team management strategies involve defining roles, streamlining processes, and setting expectations. This includes not only delegating tasks to individuals or teams and setting deadlines but also implementing the processes and services that will enable a team to work together effectively.

A simple team management app helps bring this strategy to life, providing a central location for team collaboration and updates on the progress of their projects.

What are team management skills?

Team management skills are crucial for smooth project progress, especially in small businesses that require their teams to work closely together. Here are some key skills that effective team managers possess:

  1. Effective Communication: Team managers should be able to communicate effectively with their team members, stakeholders, and external contractors. Communication skills are important for conveying project goals, expectations, and deadlines, as well as feedback and updates throughout the project cycle.
  2. Leadership: In addition to communication skills, a successful team manager should be able to lead by example and inspire their team to work towards common goals. They should be able to motivate and support their team members, while also holding them accountable for their tasks.
  3. Delegation: Team managers should be proficient in delegating tasks and responsibilities to their team members based on their strengths, skills, and availability. Effective delegation ensures that tasks are completed efficiently and on time.
  4. Time Management: To manage a team effectively, team managers must be skilled in time management. They should be able to prioritize tasks and ensure that their team members are meeting project deadlines.
  5. Conflict Resolution: Conflicts may arise during projects, and it is essential that they are resolved in a timely and respectful manner. A team manager should be able to identify and manage conflicts, promote open communication, and establish effective problem-solving strategies.

Effective team management skills are essential for small business owners and entrepreneurs to manage their projects and teams effectively. By leveraging the right team management skills, tools, and systems, small businesses can streamline their workflows and work more efficiently, while also creating a positive and collaborative team environment.

Team Management Made Easier with DoneDone

Small businesses often struggle with effective team management. The lack of resources, time, and team management tools can hinder productivity and result in missed deadlines and unhappy clients.

Enter DoneDone, a project tracker that simplifies team management specifically for small businesses.

DoneDone offers a set of simple features that help small businesses streamline their workflows. Its user-friendly interface allows teams to view tasks and deadlines at a glance, reducing the need for constant check-ins and updates.

The project tracker also offers task categorization and tagging, making it easier to organize and prioritize tasks.

Furthermore, DoneDone offers real-time team collaboration features such as comments and task assignment, which allow the entire team to communicate and delegate tasks seamlessly. The tool also integrates with popular communication platforms such as Slack and HipChat, enabling easier team communication between teams.

Person using Slack on mobile and a laptop.

DoneDone was made for small businesses like yours

As fellow small business owners, we understand the value of team management. That’s why DoneDone is designed to help you tackle your projects and keep everyone in the loop.

Whether you’re managing multiple teams or just a single team member, DoneDone has all the features you need to track progress and stay on top of your project deadlines without any of the features you don't.

After running a small business for over a decade, we've learned that keeping things simple with just enough process (but not too much)  is the way to go. DoneDone makes it easy for you to do just that.

Instead of adding more complexity to your work life with complicated features, DoneDone helps you focus on the things that matter most - getting your projects done on time and gets everything else out of the way.

What makes DoneDone unique?

We've also experienced the business benefits of uniting your support and production teams in the same, simple app.

Unlike other apps out there, DoneDone empowers your business to cover projects and customer support in one place as opposed to using both Asana for task tracking and HelpScout for customer support.

With our integrated customer support feature, you can assign tickets to specific team members and respond to customer inquiries quickly and efficiently.

That way, your teams are always on the same page when it comes to customer service, project management, and project related tasks.

Benefits of using one app for projects and support

Using project management software that seamlessly integrates task management and customer support can greatly benefit your small business.

Firstly, it helps to streamline your workflow and ensures that everyone is on the same page.

With everyone working from the same team management platform, communication and task management are easier, reducing the need for constant check-ins and updates. This also helps to improve productivity and ensures that deadlines are met, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

Secondly, having one app for both task management and customer support allows for better collaboration between teams. Rather than using separate apps for each function, team members can work together more effectively within one single platform. This helps to break down barriers between departments, which can often hinder productivity and communication. With everyone using the same app, it’s easier to stay organized and focused on the tasks at hand.

Finally, a project tracker that combines project tracking and customer support can result in time and cost savings for your small business. Rather than paying for separate apps for each function or spending time manually integrating different apps, using one platform can be more cost-effective and efficient.

It also reduces the potential for errors or miscommunication that can occur when using multiple platforms.

In summary, using one team management software for project management and customer support can greatly benefit your team management strategies. It helps to streamline workflows, boost productivity and collaboration, and potentially saves time and money for your small business.

DoneDone offers all these benefits and more, making it the ideal tool for small businesses looking to improve their project management and customer support processes.

How small businesses use DoneDone

DoneDone is the best team management software that provides small businesses with only the features they need to manage projects, track progress, and deliver customer support efficiently without any of the other features that just get in the way of getting work done.

Here are a few examples of how small businesses are using DoneDone to their advantage.

Property management companies market, lease and maintain their properties

Property managers need a reliable and simple team management tool to manage their marketing projects, lease properties, and handle tenant repair requests.

DoneDone is the best team management tools for these tasks because it offers simple workflows that make it easy for property managers to stay organized and get things done quickly.

With DoneDone, property managers can create custom project boards to track progress on property marketing, set up shared inboxes for tenant maintenance requests, and easily assign tasks across teams.

Read on to learn more about how property managers are using DoneDone's features to streamline their operations.

Property managers use DoneDone’s custom project boards to plan out marketing campaigns in detail with specific milestones and deadlines to track project progress. They can also keep track of progress by assigning different tasks or phases of the campaign to members of their team who then update the board as they complete each task status in their workflow. This helps property managers stay organized while ensuring that all aspects of a campaign are being completed on schedule.

In addition, DoneDone makes it easy for property managers to manage tenant repair requests with its shared inbox feature. Property owners can set up an email address specifically dedicated for this purpose which tenants can use when submitting repair requests. The shared inbox then allows team members to easily assign and track tasks related to the repair request, so that they can be quickly executed with minimal disruption to tenants.

Best of all, multiple team members can communicate directly with the tenant right from DoneDone. They can also leave internal comments for the entire team that aren't visible to your tenant.

Agencies communicate with clients and manage their projects

Small agencies are increasingly turning to DoneDone, a team management software, as an efficient tool for managing their projects and client communications.

With its customizable project boards and shared mailboxes, DoneDone makes it easy for small businesses to stay organized and focused on the tasks at hand.

In addition, using one platform can be more cost-effective and efficient than paying for separate apps or spending time manually integrating different apps. Here we will discuss how small agencies use DoneDone to track their project tasks and use DoneDone mailboxes to track their client communications and new business inquiries.

Small agencies can benefit from DoneDone's custom project boards which allow them to plan out marketing campaigns in detail with specific workflow statuses and deadlines that help them stay organized while ensuring that all aspects of a campaign are being completed on schedule. They can also assign tasks across teams so that everyone is aware of what needs to be done in order to complete the task efficiently. This feature helps streamline workflows by providing visibility into each step of the workflow so that any potential issues can be quickly identified before they become major problems.  

In addition, small agencies rely on DoneDone’s shared mailbox feature to manage client communications and new business inquiries. This allows agencies to keep track of all incoming messages in one place and assign tasks directly from the mailbox conversation, eliminating the need for manually keeping track of emails.

This feature also enables agencies to easily route messages and inquiries to the right team members, so that they can be addressed by the right team member.

Saas companies develop apps and provide customer support

SaaS companies often face the challenge of managing their product backlog while also ensuring that their customer support team remains responsive to their customers' needs.

With DoneDone, these companies can efficiently manage their product backlog and provide superior customer service all within one platform.

DoneDone's customizable status workflows enable SaaS companies to easily manage their product backlog, assign tasks, set priorities and deadlines, and track progress.

This allows product teams to work more efficiently, prioritize their tasks using feedback from customer support, and ensure that the most important features are released on time.

Furthermore, DoneDone's shared inboxes enable SaaS companies to provide excellent customer support by keeping track of all incoming customer inquiries and support requests in one central location. This means that support teams can easily manage, assign, and track these requests, reducing response times, and increasing customer satisfaction. With DoneDone, product and support teams can work together efficiently, as one team, using a unified tool.

DoneDone's shared inbox feature also enables SaaS companies to easily route customer inquiries to the right team members. This feature helps to ensure that customer support requests and inquiries are addressed by the right team member, leading to faster response times and ultimately happier customers. Additionally, DoneDone allows support teams to interact with customers directly from the platform, reducing the need to switch between multiple apps or platforms.

Overall, DoneDone provides SaaS companies with a two-in-one solution for managing their product backlog and providing exceptional customer support. With its customizable project boards and shared inboxes, SaaS teams can easily track their workflow, respond to customer inquiries promptly, and work together effectively towards a common goal.

Tips on getting started with DoneDone for effective team management  

For small businesses looking to maximize their team management potential, DoneDone is an ideal team management tool. For those just getting started with DoneDone for effective team management, here are 3 simple tips on how you can make the most out of this simple team management software.

  1. Invite Team Members: To get started with DoneDone, you'll need to invite team members to join your account. Head over to the People section in the app and invite your team and stakeholders. You can enter each of your team member's email addresses and they will then receive an invitation from DoneDone.
  2. Create Projects for Your Internal Work: Once everyone is set up on DoneDone, it's time for you to start creating projects for all of your internal work items. Go to the Home dashboard and click on New Project+. Give each project a name, add members who should be working on that project, and start logging your team's tasks. It's the simplest way to manage tasks.
  3. Set Up a Shared Inbox For Support: If you offer customer support services as part of your business (and what business doesn't?), setting up a shared inbox within DoneDone is essential in order to properly manage requests coming in from customers and ensure prompt responses are sent out accordingly. Just go to the Home dashboard and click New Mailbox+. DoneDone will then guide you through forwarding your support email to your new DoneDone Mailbox.

Why small businesses use DoneDone for team management

DoneDone is a simple team management software that allows small businesses to streamline their project management and customer support processes.

This platform offers numerous benefits for small business owners, including improved team collaboration, increased productivity and communication, as well as cost savings. With DoneDone's intuitive interface and simple setup process, it is the ideal collaboration tool for any small business looking to maximize its potential with little to no onboarding.

DoneDone can help any small business take the next step in streamlining their project management and customer support processes.

Try out DoneDone today and see how this powerful tool can benefit your team!aaa

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