New: Create & Link Tasks Directly from Your Mailbox Conversations

Here at DoneDone, we take customer feedback to heart. One of the biggest requests we’ve gotten since the launch of DoneDone 2 was the ability to create tasks based on mailbox conversations.

It makes sense. If a customer writes in a feature request and you want to pass that off to the product team to work on, the easiest way to do that is to create a task for them to add to the product backlog.

Now that functionality is here! Plus a little bit extra to make the whole process even simpler.

Create Tasks from Mailboxes

This has probably been the most requested feature by our customers, so we are thrilled to announce that this is now possible to create tasks from mailboxes which automatically links the two together.

For example, if a customer writes in with a great feature request, you don’t need to jump to the product team’s project anymore to pass this info on. Instead, simply create a task from right within the conversation and assign it to the right project. Read-only states are available if mailbox conversations are linked to non-accessible tasks (based on project permissions).From within a conversation, you can:

  • Create new tasks
  • Search and add existing tasks
  • Add one or multiple tasks at once

Link Conversations to Tasks and Vice Versa

Already have a task going for a specific customer request? You can also now link conversations to tasks and link tasks back to conversations for a more closed-loop experience. Simply add an existing conversation to an existing task and vice versa.

Looking Ahead

As a small business making a product for fellow small businesses, we understand the importance of removing barriers so you can get the most out of your small team. That’s why we manage our customer support in the same place as our production work. That’s DoneDone. The simple app to manage your work and support your customers in one place.

With this latest release, we continue to improve on our mission. Support teams and production teams are now able to work together more closely. No need for a support person to navigate to another project just to log a task related to a support conversation. Now you can do that directly from your support mailbox.

As we look forward to continuing to evolve DoneDone, we’ll be tackling a few other big customer requests - improvements to Reports and Workflows.

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