The New DoneDone Is Here

Maybe you noticed already, but things look pretty different around here today. Today the new DoneDone publicly debuts with a new website and a new look to the app. We’ve been talking about the new DoneDone for the past few weeks, and it’s finally here.

Who Gets The New DoneDone?

Starting today the new DoneDone is the DoneDone for all our current and future customers. We considered doing a phased rollout, but we’re confident you and your team will feel comfortable and familiar with the new DoneDone. As we’ve been saying all along, the new DoneDone looks radically different, yet feels surprisingly familiar. Also, you’ll find all your current and old DoneDone issues remain safe and sounds as ever. This update has zero impact on your data.

What’s New?

You’ll find the visual design of DoneDone has been dramatically updated – new typography, new colors, new buttons and forms. The navigation has been slightly modified but should still be very familiar. There’s a tons of small tweaks and enhancements to the experience. But DoneDone’s core functionality of simply and easily adding, fixing, and testing issues remains unfazed by this update.

Our New Website

The most unexpected update has got to be this website though. We covered a bit of our process earlier. We believe DoneDone is the best alternative to ugly, overly complex, and hard-to-use bug trackers. DoneDone is focused on simple, straightforward, no-nonsense issue tracking for all people – project managers, customers, designers, and clients – not just programmers. Our new site executes on that vision and has some fun while doing it.

Thanks for following along as we’ve rolled out the New DoneDone. We’re honored to have you as customers, users, and readers.

Onward and upward,
The DoneDone team

P.S. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or issues you are having with the new DoneDone. 

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