Switching Workflows, Keeping Status Current and Adding Feature Ideas

We've had a really productive week and just released a few new features. Now you can change workflows on existing projects and mailboxes. It's easier than ever to update your task and conversation status when leaving a comment or reply. Our product roadmap is now available, so you can upvote the features that are important to you!

Everyone who has an account already should have access to these new features immediately. If not please sign up for your free trial today!

Switch Project & Mailbox Workflows Anytime

In the past once you've created a new project or mailbox, you weren't able to change its workflow. That may have been frustrating but the limitation was for good reason.

What happens if your new workflow was missing a status that existed in the old workflow? How would that status be handled? The short answer is it wasn't handled.  That is, until now.

We've just released a new feature that lets you map statuses from the old workflow to the new one whenever there's a mismatch. You can even re-map statuses that do match just in case that's a better fit in your new workflow.

Reassign statuses from old workflow to new
Map statuses from the old workflow to the new one

This update will let us build upon it to roll out some great other workflow updates too, like moving tasks between projects of differing workflows. More flexibility. A better experience for all of you.

Need to change your workflow? Have a look at this help doc to see how it's done.

Encouraging Status Updates When Making Updates

We discovered an interesting trend when observing our customers as they left comments on their work. Too often, folks were forgetting to make a necessary status update when leaving a comment or reply. Even our own team was forgetting at times! We thought we could improve the experience to better promote status updates and that's exactly what we set out to do.

Before diving into the design work, we wanted to get a little data on how frequently people were making updates and figure out which types of updates were most common. We looked at the four basic types of updates that can be made - status, priority, assignee & due date - and saw a very clear trend. When one of those types of updates were made, a whopping 88% of the time it was a change to status.

It was clear that status updates were the most important update. The problem was that people were forgetting to update it before submitting their comment or reply.

With that insight in mind, we thought that a reordering of the UI with an emphasis on status would benefit everyone. We wanted to convey what the current status of your work is along with which statuses are available next. Following that, you're able to re-assign and prioritize the work as it enters its next phase of effort.

Updated comment design
Current status, updated status and assign & prioritize

We also saw an opportunity to improve the experience when only two status options were available next. By exposing those two statuses as their own buttons, it made it that much easier to select the appropriate and keep your work moving on. Is a bug Read for Retest? Just choose Fixed or Fix Not Confirmed and leave an explanation.

Statuses as buttons
Each available status as a button

Contribute to Our Product Roadmap

We love hearing what everyone would like to see added to DoneDone next. That's why we decided to open up our product roadmap to all of you. It's a great way to see what we've got cookin' and get a sneak peek into what's coming next.

Make sure to upvote your favorite features and add your own new ideas if you don't already see them on our roadmap. Your vote counts!

A Productive Week

We've had a really productive week and hope you have too! Switching workflows has never been easier and you'll never forgot a status update again! If you're interested in being part of this journey as we continue adding more features aimed at providing a better user experience, make sure to upvote your favorite ones on our product roadmap today!

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