DoneDone launches

On April 15th, 2009, we successfully launched DoneDone. What say we? DoneDone. It’s a web-based issue tracking tool made for real humans finishing real projects.

We built it because we were tired of using tools that made us feel like Excel and a drop-down menu made babies. We built it because there wasn’t a tool out there which supports the way development teams and client teams interact in the final stretch of a stressful project. We built it because we were missing a crucial tool to help us finish strong.

We realized the biggest help we could give users was an absence of the ‘kitchen sink’, so each and every feature was stripped and thoroughly searched before it made it into DoneDone. In the end, DoneDone is a streamlined tool which tells you what you need to do next. It makes an otherwise expansive table of issues seem tame and doable.

The cost of DoneDone also came under close scrutiny. We ended up doing things a bit differently here too. Some tools charge an arm and a leg for features Stephen Hawking might find nebulous. Other tools push tiered-pricing based on buckets of projects.

We decided to make it simple. DoneDone costs $24 a month to run a single, active project. For this price, you get 2 GB of file storage, unlimited team and client members, and all-you-can-eat issues. So what if you need more projects? Well, additional projects cost $5 a month. When you’re done with a project, you can archive it and we won’t charge you anymore. It’s that simple.

If you’re a coder, DoneDone has an API to make whoopy with your other favorite tools. If you’re into project management, it syncs up with Basecamp to grab all of your team and client contact information.

How we built it? X2O, of course.

So, sign up for a trial. Better yet, sign up for real. We love it and think you’ll find it promotes a healthier finish to your projects, and will probably lower your blood pressure. So, good luck finishing strong!

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