5 Reasons You Should Use Support Tracking Software

5 Reasons You Should Use Support Tracking Software

Customer care is a vital part of any company’s strategic game plan. Your customer support service may be the mightiest weapon in your arsenal. A humble, prompt, and reassuring customer support representative will save the day and make your customers stay even if their first message was a firestorm.

A good customer support service includes on-time replies, proper inquiry, and a prompt follow-up on the issue. While your company is constantly growing and expanding its customer base, it becomes almost impossible to attend to all support requests with manual labor alone.

In the age of automation, spreadsheets and e-mails are old technology. These tools may seem like economical solutions, but you always run the risk of losing a customer because you forgot to reply to their mail – or maybe you missed it completely.

Support tracking software prevents this from happening. Any software application that enables you to manage, organize, and track customer requests using a single platform is classified as support tracking software. A customer support software creates a support ticket for any kind of inbound request from a customer and routes it to a responsible support agent for a follow-up.

How You Can Benefit from Support Tracking Software

Automated Processing of Requests

Support tracking software is great for sorting, queuing, routing, and reporting of inbound inquiries. It’s accomplished through automated workflows connected to a dashboard that your support team can see.  Support agents are notified about new requests immediately, saving human effort for more intelligent and important tasks.

Building a Knowledge Base

The inquiry tickets generated by a support tracking app can be used to build a database derived from experience. This database can, in turn, be leveraged to build an FAQ portal. These queries can be recorded and documented to add more unique questions and answers to an archive in the portal. The most frequently occurring queries can then be redirected to the database. This prevents your support workforce from engaging in repetitive Q&A sessions. That’s draining!

Obtain Testimonials

Timely customer service through an automated app interface can earn you extra respect from your customers. This puts you in the position to obtain customer testimonials from them. Keep a record of who your happy customers are and start to build your database of praises. Also, you may be able to lift positive quotes from support emails as long as you are transparent with the customer about how it will be used.

Build a Strong Support Team

A strong customer support team is one where all the members work together. As support needs increase, you need a way to distribute roles and responsibilities among various employees. Even when they are on the go! A customer support app lets the support staff view and respond to questions anytime, and from anywhere without any hassles. This is especially helpful when managers need to solve problems while away from their computers.

Improve Individual Performance

When software backs up human effort, the performance of any customer support team is automatically boosted. The workload is significantly reduced, and the customer needs can be redirected to the most appropriate person at the right time. This leads to higher efficiency for customer support representatives.

Choose the right support tracking tool

It is important that you choose the right app according to your specific needs and requirements. These apps help you categorize problems more efficiently, so you can focus on solving them instead of fretting about what the problem is. Time is money they say, and you can save a lot of time by unlocking the power of customer support applications.

DoneDone is a favorite support tracking app for companies of all sizes. Especially for those companies who are interested in finding a better solution than email and spreadsheets. DoneDone is the logical next step in customer support management.

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