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When you log into the new DoneDone on your smartphone, you’ll notice a dramatic difference in appearance from the desktop version. Gone are a number of secondary features – creating a project, project settings, updating your profile, managing people – to name a few. On mobile, the focus is simply on answering the question, “What’s going on with my issues right now?”

The mobile version of DoneDone is stripped down to only those features you’ll use everyday:

  • Filtering and viewing issues, activity, and reports
  • Viewing and updating an issue
  • Creating a new issue

The Mobile Dashboard

The global dashboard interface is just as fully-featured as its desktop counterpart. You can still flip between issues, activity, and reports. You can also filter and sort items using native touch-friendly controls. The one thing we changed was the interface – it’s laser-focused on scannability. The issue list show priority and status across the top of each item; the activity page neatly showcases the date and time across the top of each item as well. You can swipe through issues and activities quickly and get a quick sense of what’s going on.

Mobile Dashboard
The mobile dashboard is a stripped down, focused experience.
Mobile issue list
Issue lists on mobile are easy to scan.
Mobile activity page
The activity page lets you easily see what happened – when.

The Issue Page

On the mobile issue page, we removed the extra info you’re accustomed to seeing on the right-hand side on a full-sized monitor. We, once again, focused on scannability. Just scroll down the page and scan through comments. You can still leave comments and edit issues. The mobile app is a perfect fit for project managers who want to quickly check up on and respond to developer bugs at a client meeting or on the road.

Moblie issue detail page
The mobile issue detail page

Creating Issues

While DoneDone mobile doesn’t give you quite as many options as the desktop version, creating issues is still a quick and simple process. Some DoneDone customers work out in the field, where an iPad or smartphone works best. The mobile create issue page is always just one-click away, if creating issues while you’re walking on two feet suits you best.

Mobile create issue page
Creating issues on mobile

Tell Us How You Really Feel…

We want DoneDone to be the best mobile phone experience for issue tracking. Send us your feedback via email or Twitter (@getdonedone). We love hearing what you have to say!


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