What's cooking in the DoneDone kitchen

We’ve been working on two big features to DoneDone. We’ll likely launch these sometime next week once we’ve tested and are 100% happy with the UI. Here’s an early preview.

Tagging issues
Soon, you’ll be able to add tags to your issues. Many of you have requested this, or requested something that this feature will help solve. We think it adds the right amount of flexibility to DoneDone without sacrificing simplicity.

Tags are useful because they’re so open-ended. Here’s some ways you might want to use tags to help organize your issues:

  • Tag issues by discipline (“Design”, “Development”, “UI”, etc.)
  • Tag issues by browser type/OS (“Firefox”, “IE”, “Safari”/”OSX”,”Windows”,”Linux”, etc.)
  • Tag issues by type of issue (“Feature request”, “Phase I bug”, “Phase II bug” etc.) Note: you can modify an issue’s tags at any time, so these might be decided upon at a later date.
  • Tag issues by categories specific to your project (“Products”, “News”, “People”, etc.)
  • Tag issues by what version it should belong in (“1.0”, “1.1”, “1.2”, etc.)

When you type in tags to an issue, DoneDone will automatically bring up
previous tags that you’ve added to other issues.

You can add any number of tags to an issue and you’ll be able to search all issues by the tags you’ve created (we haven’t finalized the UI for that just yet).

By keeping tags simple and flexible, and letting you add as many or as few to your issues, we’re letting you define how your project should be organized. It’s all about what works best for you.

Submit an issue through email
We’re in the final phases of testing our email-to-ticket system. It will allow you to send emails to a project-specific email address on your DoneDone account to create issues. You’ll be able to assign an issue to a user (based on their account email address), set priority, and create a title and description. The format of the email will roughly look like this:

To: addIssue+MyCompany+28@mydonedone.com
Title: I cannot login on the homepage

When I try to login with my credentials, I get the
message “your username and password are incorrect” but I’m pretty sure they’re correct!

The first line of your email body will be the email address of the person you’re assigning the issue to. The second line will be the priority of the issue, and all lines after that will be the description of the issue.

Email-to-ticket will not let you add tags or attachments (at least not yet).

Stay tuned for these upcoming additions!

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You'll love these too

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