What we’re learning from you about DoneDone

We launched DoneDone about a week and a half ago. Thanks to the many that have signed up, played around, tweeted, blogged, and also gave us some very helpful comments. I wanted to sum up the gist of the responses we’ve been getting.

Overall, we’ve gotten some nice compliments on DoneDone’s simplicity and general elegance. Some have referenced it as an example of how their issue tracker should be.

“I think this style of user interaction would be [sic] excellent to bring to Redmine, making it more natural for users to push issues back and forth without needing to scroll up/down through heaps of comments to find why they’ve been assigned the issue.”

“Interesting new issue tracker: http://www.getdonedone.com/ …I wish someone would make a self-hosted app that’s this nice.”

“Just comparing your homepage to this one (http://www.extraview.com/5_free.html?gclid=CO_RgqbLgpoCFSMSagodpRhJFg) gives me warm fuzzies.”

However, let’s focus on what people are asking. Here are a few common feature requests:

Self-assigning issues
By far, the most requested feature is allowing you to assign issues to yourself. Currently, DoneDone doesn’t allow you to do so. This was a very early product decision on our part. We felt that self-assigning an issue breaks the “finder” vs. “resolver” paradigm and the “you” vs. “them” responsibility concept that is core to DoneDone’s issue organization. We also felt that if you really really wanted to self-assign issues, the creative hack would be to add another user using a separate email address you have.

Many of you did just that but don’t like the workaround. This is a hot item we’ll think through more thoroughly. It would be easy enough to just allow this functionality in as-is, but it would make the current application functionality a bit confusing. For example, there would be little use to having the “Not reproducible” status available for a self-assigned to-do.

We’ll take a gander at this one and come up with something thoughtful.

Tagging and labeling issues
Some of you want to be able to tag issues – not available in the current build. Travis from San Diego mentioned an easy workaround, by just using a naming convention in the Title field of an issue and then doing a keyword search against it.

However, we do think there’s good value in labeling issues – especially if you’re using DoneDone to track issues of various sorts (e.g. design, copy, programming, browser-testing, accessibility, etc.) Expect us to add this in a future release.

Discretionary emailing
Another common request is to have some control of when you’re getting emailed. Currently, DoneDone emails you whenever an issue you’re on has changed. DoneDone also only emails release build notes to people responsible for resolving an issue. However, what if you just want to add a note or comment to an issue without having to bug the other person? Or, what if you want to add other people to a release build email?

This one falls under the “we knew people would request this at some point” list. It will likely find it’s way into a future release shortly.

Stay tuned as we continue to nurture DoneDone into the Best Damn Issue Tracker PeriodTM. We take people’s requests and our own opinion equally seriously.

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