What to Expect This Friday, November 8 (9pm-12am EST)

Dear beloved customers,

Many months of hard work from our developers and IT team culminate this Friday, November 8th, when we complete the migration of DoneDone to our new data center on Amazon Web Services.

We’ll be joining hundreds of other well-known organizations who have ported some — if not all — of their web infrastructure to Amazon.  We’re ecstatic about this upgrade, and you’ll begin to see the benefits in the coming months.  Here are just a few immediate benefits.

But, first things first. We’ll be down for a few hours this Friday night.

We’ve written to all account owners, tweeted, and put an alert on everyone’s dashboard that DoneDone will be down this Friday from 9pm-12midnight EST. Here’s what time we’ll be down for you.

This downtime is a necessary final step for us to do a few things:

  • We need to run a final data sync of our database and caching servers to the new data center.
  • We need to warm up our cache, rebuild our indexes, and hydrate our global search, so things stay snappy once we flip the switch.
  • We need to make a few DNS updates so that mydonedone.com points to the new data center.
  • We need to run final internal tests against the new configuration before we turn the switch back on.

What should you be aware of while DoneDone is down?

Aside from not being able to login to your DoneDone account, please note how we’re handling some other DoneDone-related processes:

  • Emails into DoneDone will be processed, but delayed: If you are currently using Public Issues, or plan on commenting or creating issues via email during our downtime, these emails will be queued up and processed once we’re back live.  Depending on when emails are sent into DoneDone, there may be up to a few hours of delay before they are processed by our servers.
  • Git/SVN commits will not be processed: If you’re using Git or SVN integration, any commits during this window will not reflect in DoneDone.  If you would like Git or SVN commits to update DoneDone issues, please hold off on committing code during this window.  We’re truly sorry about this inconvenience!
  • The DoneDone API will be down as well: If you’re using an application that uses the DoneDone API, it will not be able to access any issues during this window.

We’ll work swiftly to get DoneDone back up as soon as possible.

We’ve let our loved ones know to expect us home pretty late this Friday night.  But, we’re preparing this week to make sure things go as smoothly and quickly as possible.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter for frequent updates during our migration, and don’t hesitate to contact us on our support page.

Thanks for your patience.  This is a big step for us!


The DoneDone team (Craig, Ka Wai, Jeremy, Paul, Ameer)


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