Using DoneDone with GitHub, Beanstalk, and Bitbucket

If you’re a developer, odds are good that you host your code repositories with GitHub, Beanstalk, or Bitbucket (or maybe all 3). Odds are also good that many of the changes you make in your repositories are directly related to issues in your DoneDone account. Luckily, you can easily connect DoneDone with your source control provider to update issues whenever you commit new code.

Integrate A DoneDone Project With Your Repository

Log in to DoneDone and navigate to one of your project dashboards (when viewing the “All Projects” dashboard, simply click on any project name, or click the dashboard title dropdown and select your project from the shortcut list.) Then click the Project Settings icon and choose Integration Settings.

This page displays all the information you'll need to connect DoneDone to your source code repository.
This page displays all the information you’ll need to connect DoneDone to your source code repository.


Expand the GitHub section and find your GitHub integration URL. All you’ll need to do is log in to your GitHub account, choose your repository, add a Post-Receive webhook, and paste this URL.


Expand the Beanstalk section and find your Beanstalk integration URL. Then simply log in to your Beanstalk account, choose your repository, add a WebHook, and paste this URL.


Find the Bitbucket section, which contains 4 settings values. Log in to your Bitbucket account, choose your repository, and navigate to Repository Details > Services. Add the DoneDone service and paste the values from DoneDone.

Committing Changes

Once you’ve connected DoneDone to your repository, you can easily update DoneDone issues by including data in your commit messages. Here’s an example:

Fixed a CSS bug on the login form
[#15 status:Ready For Retest]

This will add the commit message as a comment to DoneDone issue #15, and will set the issue’s status to Ready for Retest. You can find more commit examples on our Subversion & Git Integration help page.

Let us know how your version control integration goes. Tweet us at @getdonedone, or email us directly.

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