Up Next: Global search and item numbering

Up Next: Global search and item numbering

Late last month, we released DoneDone 2. It not only includes an assortment of new features, but it leaves behind a lot of what we felt was antiquated.

Since our release, we’ve received a lot of great feedback from both new and old customers. With it, there have been two consistent requests from our long-time Classic customers. To paraphrase, it went something like this:

What happened to issue numbers and where the @#$!% is my global search?!? – Many of you.

We have good news. They’re already in development and we’ll make them even better than they were in Classic.

Global search

The global text search Classic users have grown accustomed to will be back (and better) in DoneDone 2. It was the last major piece that we weren’t able to squeeze into the initial release and the first priority for our next iteration.

Not only will search bring back conversations and tasks but also mailboxes and projects with matching names. Just like in Classic, we’ll make it available wherever you are in the app.

Conversation and task numbers

In Classic, all issues had numbers associated to them. We got rid of numbering for mailbox conversations and project tasks in our general effort to reduce as many things as we could. But, let’s face it — we were wrong here. We should’ve been more careful about removing such a key feature.

We’re working on bringing numbers back into the mix. Instead of just bringing them back as they were, we’re going to make them better.

In Classic, issue numbers started with #1 for every new project you created. However, this caused two major annoyances:

  • If you moved issues to a new project, those issues would be assigned new numbers. This was a safety measure to avoid overlapping with existing issues having the same numbers in the new project.
  • Because each project could contain the same issue number, if you searched for, say, issue #5, you might get back hundreds of “Issue #5″s. Yep–some of you have hundreds of DoneDone projects 😊.

In DoneDone 2, tasks and conversations will be assigned unique numbers. They’ll still be sequential (starting at #1), but each new task or conversation will get a new number. So, moving a task to another project won’t require a new number. In addition, searching for #193 will only return one result.

Note: If you’re already using DoneDone 2, all of your existing items will be assigned numbers once the feature is in place.

Keep the feedback coming.

We’re already busy working on both of these updates along with a small handful of other tweaks that you’ve brought up to us over the past week. We’re looking to push up these new updates sometime in the next month–so stay tuned! Any other things you’d like to tell us? Just reach out on our support page.

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