Tagging issues, email-to-ticket, and attachment updates

This evening, we launched three big enhancements to DoneDone. We hope they make getting issues solved even easier.

Tagging issues
You can now add tags to new and existing issues. We think tags will be useful because they’re so open-ended. Decide amongst your team how you might use them to categorize bugs better. Here are just a few ways you might want to use tags to help organize your issues:

  • Tag issues by discipline (“Design”, “Development”, “UI”, etc.)
  • Tag issues by browser type/OS (“Firefox”, “IE”, “Safari”/”OSX”,”Windows”,”Linux”, etc.)
  • Tag issues by type of issue (“Feature request”, “Phase I bug”, “Phase II bug” etc.)
  • Tag issues by categories specific to your project (“Products”, “News”, “People”, etc.)
  • Tag issues by what version it should belong in (“1.0”, “1.1”, “1.2”, etc.)
  • Tag issues by when they’re due (“July 18th”, “August release”, “3rd quarter”, etc.)

If you want to add multiple tags to an issue, separate them by a comma. DoneDone will bring up a list of other tags you’ve used on the project as you’re typing:

On an issue’s detail page, they appear on the upper right. You can click on any tag to find all other issues having the same tag.

Finally, you can search for tags. Just type in the name of the tag in the “Search for” input box (which also searches for matching text in issue titles and descriptions). We’ve also added them as another searchable item in the custom search panel. You can search for one or many tags in your custom search.

Email-to-ticket: Submit new issues through email
You can now send new issues to a unique email address for each project in your DoneDone account. You can find the address at the bottom of each project’s homepage. We’ve also included a vCard if you want to file the address away in your desktop email program.

Do note, there are a few limitations with email-to-ticket. You cannot upload files nor can you tag issues through the email-to-ticket feature. The “creator” of the issue must be the person whose email address is tied to the email address you are sending from as well.


Attachments revamp
We’ve also modified how we display attachments on the issue detail page.

Previously, in the issue detail section, you would just see links to attachments that were initially uploaded with the original issue. If anyone added attachments to a comment later on, they only appeared in the history section below. This made it a little less obvious to track what files were still relevant.

Now, we include all attachments in the “attachments” section of the issue detail page. Those that were uploaded with a comment have a timestamp next to it. If you click on the timestamp, you’ll scroll down to the comment related to that attachment.

Keep bugging us…

We do hope you enjoy these new features. They were on the top of our priority list for a while, and we worked hard to get them up and running as soon as possible. As always, let us know what you think! Follow us on Twitter @getdonedone.

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