Slice & Dice Your Issues with Dashboard Filters

Last week, our users created or updated a total of 13,145 issues within DoneDone. Assuming those updates were made during mostly-normal business hours, that’s over 300 changes per workday hour!

Your company probably didn’t have quite that much activity (if you did, let me refer you to our Max plan), but it can still be a challenge to keep track of all the issues your team is working on. Sometimes you want to see everything that’s in progress, and sometimes you want to see issues that have already been fixed or closed. Here at DoneDone, we’ll often want to group several projects together, or see which issues are in progress for a specific team member.

Luckily, DoneDone’s dashboard filters give you a super-simple way to view your issues by status, priority, project, and more.

The Filter Menu

At the top left of each dashboard page, you’ll find a dropdown that displays the filter you’re currently viewing. Click the dropdown to display a list of popular filters and custom filters.

The DoneDone Filter menu
The DoneDone Filter menu

Popular Filters

Popular filters are DoneDone’s most-used filters, and cover most needs:

  • All your issues: All issues where you are assigned as Fixer or Tester, or are cc’d
  • Your active issues: Issues where you are the Fixer or Tester, or are cc’d, and the status is not Closed or Fixed
  • Issues waiting on you: Issues where you are the Fixer or Tester, and your input is needed for the issue to move to the next step
  • Issues waiting on them: Issues where you are the Fixer or Tester, and another user’s input is needed for the issue to move to the next step
  • Issues you’re cc’d on: Issues where you are in the CC notification list
  • All issues: All issues to which you have access to
  • All active issues: All issues where the status is not Closed or Fixed
  • All closed and fixed issues: All issues where the status is Closed or Fixed

Custom Filters

Custom filters are defined by you – you can create filters to show issues matching the following criteria:

  • Project
  • Tester
  • Fixer
  • Tags
  • Priority
  • Status
  • Created Date
  • Last Updated Date

Filters can be created at the global (all projects) level, or within individual project dashboards.

Refining Filter Results

Once you’ve selected a filter, you can make your results even more specific by using the additional dropdown controls to the right of the filter selection.

  • Tagged: Only show issues that have one or more tags
  • Due Date: Only show issues that are overdue or due anytime, today, or in a specific date range
  • Sort: Sort the resulting issues by Last Updated Date, Due Date, Issue Number, Project Title, Priority, Status, Fixer, or Tester
  • Date Range (Activity Dashboard only): Only show issue activity between two specific dates

Persist Your Criteria

After selecting a filter and refining or sorting your results, your criteria will be auto-selected on all three dashboard pages. So don’t worry about getting your issue list just right, navigating to a detail page, and having all your work reset when you come back to the dashboard. Everything will be just how you left it! Your filter selections will also persist between browsers – so you can view DoneDone on your phone or tablet and pick up right where you left off from your office desktop.

Questions or Suggestions?

We always love to hear suggestions from DoneDone users, and we’re always available to answer questions. Just chat us up over email or Twitter (@getdonedone)!

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