Shooting down bugs with DoneDone

Recently, Bug Shooting added support for DoneDone. Bug Shooting is a free download for Windows that lets you take screenshots, annotate them, and immediately upload them as part of a new or existing issue. Do note that we currently only allow file uploads for paid accounts.

Here’s how it works with DoneDone.

Quick install and setup
After you install Bug Shooting, you need to set up DoneDone as a server. Right-click the bug icon in your desktop tray, and go to Options > Settings > Server. Choose DoneDone, and then enter in your DoneDone URL and credentials.

Say Cheese!
To take a screenshot with Bug Shooting, you can either double-click the icon in your desktop tray, or you can configure it to launch when you hit your “Print Screen” key. Bug Shooting will launch with your screenshot and let you draw and add text.

You have a couple options to post the screenshot. You can either create a completely new issue or add the screenshot as a comment to an existing issue. To make a new issue, leave the “New Issue” option selected. To add the screenshot to an existing issue, enter in the issue number (you’ll select the project later). You can also add text into the “Comment” field, which will make it the title and description for a new issue, or a comment for an existing issue. Make sure you’ve picked the DoneDone server, and when you’re ready, click the “Send” button.

Send ‘er away!
Once you hit “Send”, Bug Shooting will connect to your DoneDone account. You’ll get a popup where you can select the project, priority level, and person to assign this issue to. Do note that only projects that have the API enabled will be selectable. Account admins can go to the project settings page in DoneDone and click the “Enable API Access” button.

DoneDone projects with API access enabled will show up in your projects list in Bug Shooting

Once you’ve submitted your issue, you’ll get redirected to the issue in DoneDone.

Special thanks to Alexej at Bug Shooting for so quickly adding DoneDone support!

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