Saving time (and money) with a combined issue tracker and customer support tool

scrooge Customer support and bug tracking are two functions that are critical to your company’s success:

  • Help desk software enables your support team to build a rapport with customers.
  • Issue tracking software provides a workflow for your development team to stay on track.

Today, many companies use one system for customer support and another for issue tracking, even though both concepts are closely related and the people behind both systems are often the same. This can add unwanted complexity to your operations — you’ll need to pay for, learn, and maintain two separate tools. We think it would be easier and more cost-effective if you could use one product to manage both customer support and issue tracking.  That’s exactly what we’re offering with DoneDone Public Issues.

All-in-one customer support and issue tracking

With DoneDone, you can use Public Issues to manage your customer support requests. Your support agents can then reassign customer-submitted issues to your internal team. Everyone works together to resolve the issue and communicate with the customer, all from the same tool. You’ll save time, since there are no new tools to learn or manage. You’ll also save money by only paying for a single system.

Combined monthly costs of popular help desk and issue tracking software


Unlimited projects
No per-user help desk fees

Help Scout$85/month$89/month$110/month$435/month
Salesforce Desk$141/month$145/month$146/month$491/month
(Pricing based on a team with 4 help desk users, 15 issue tracking users, and 10 issue tracking projects)


For example, if you’re using Freshdesk with 4 team members ($16/month/agent) for customer support and Lighthouse ($25/month) for issue tracking, that’s a total combined cost of $89 per month. Other solution combinations for the same setup can cost hundreds of dollars. With DoneDone Public Issues, you can manage and track support requests, and resolve issues emanating from those requests, starting at $39/month.

Take a test drive

If you’re currently paying individually for your help desk and issue tracking solutions, try DoneDone free for 30 days. You’ll love how simple it is to manage all issues for your company, regardless of who submitted them. Questions or comments? Talk to the world’s friendliest support team via email or Twitter.

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