We're on a quest to build the best bug tracking software

By now, we’ve reached the point where we can say “We’ve been in business for a long time.” This small company, which started in Chicago because of one company’s need for better bug tracking, is now loved by users internationally. Today, we’re on a mission to build the best bug tracking software in the world.

That means something a little bit different to everyone. So, let’s define what it means to us, our users, and the future of DoneDone.

The best bug tracking software should be simple

There are a handful of companies in the world that require a super robust issue tracking system. But the vast majority of companies that need to track bugs, issues, and tasks have under 100 employees. We are here for you!

The biggest need, we believe, is for software that’s uncomplicated. It should have simple workflows that assist core requirements. Like a good waiter, it should get what you need and then get out of your way. For most companies, agile systems are overrated and unpractical. When you’re a team of 5 to 10, you simply need to get things done. Fast. Focused. Finished.

We’ve done our best to develop a simple bug and issue tracking app that’s perfect for small-to-mid-sized teams. We’ve wiped out all of the complexity that other bug trackers have included because we don’t want our customers to spend 40 hours of time sifting through help docs and training programs.

It should have all the essential features

  • Project management - Great organizational features for categorizing issues and staying focused.
  • Task management - Individual task tracking within a larger project. This helps you and your team crush issues as they come in.
  • Markdown comments - A favorite of developers everywhere, DoneDone uses markdown syntax in the comments section so you can communicate next steps clearly.
  • Priority - Low, medium, high, or critical. Set the level of urgency on each issue.
  • Due dates - Set when each issue needs to be completed.
  • Filter views - Especially helpful for managers, filter your dashboard view to see bugs that you are tracking, bugs that your teammates are tracking, or a mixture of other filter options.
  • Tags - Every task can be tagged for deeper tracking and categorization within the app.
  • Customer support inboxes - This one is a rarity among bug tracking software. The ability to immediately and automatically import external customer requests into your DoneDone workflow via email or contact form.
  • Release builds - Work on multiple bugs at a time, mark them complete as you fix them, and then push them all to your tester at the same time for verification.
  • Integrations - Basecamp, Slack, GitHub, BugTrap, and more.
  • Email support - When you have complex questions, you can get detailed answers via our email support system.

Getting started with the best

When you're looking for a solid bug tracking software with great workflows and affordable price, sign up for DoneDone. Designed by developers for developers, it's a global favorite for getting things done and launching awesome software.

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We're on a quest to build the best issue tracking, help desk, and project management tool for all kinds of teams.

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