New Tagging Features

DoneDone’s ability to add tags to issues is something we’re really proud of. In terms of how it extends DoneDone’s usefulness, it’s like the horn of a unicorn: Without the horn it could be a really cool horse, but it wouldn’t be the powerful, magical, mystical beast of legend! Tagging gives our users a healthy dose of “do it your own way” while they’re using DoneDone, and we really love that. So, based on feedback from several of our awesome users, we’re excited to announce a fresh round of updates to our tagging system!

Tags for All to See

The first change you are likely to notice is that we’re now showing all of the tags associated with each issue on the expanded Issue List dashboard view. Some of you mentioned (and we agreed) that tags tended to be a bit hidden, since you had to navigate to the actual issue to see which tags were associated with it. In response, we decided to just put them out there, for all dashboard viewers to behold!

Tags on Expanded Issue List
Easily view all tags associated with an issue

Tags won’t be shown when viewing the Issue List in collapsed mode, but you can quickly expand and collapse the list by clicking on the Issues icon in the top left of the dashboard.

Removing Tags “en Masse”

A well-used component of our tagging system is the ability to add tags to a whole list of issues at once, using the Bulk Edit feature. It’s especially loved by users of DoneDone Release Builds, because it allows them to easily tag groups of issues as they pass through various release environments (e.g. our issues are all tested on “DEV”, “TEST”, and “PROD” environments). Well, in honor of all you “releasers of builds,” we’ve now added an equal (and opposite) solution for bulk tagging: Bulk Tag Removal.

Let’s say you pushed a Release Build to your TEST environment, and tagged each issue in the build with on_test. Now, when those issues have been built to PROD, you can remove the on_test tag from all issues at once.

Bulk Tag Removal
Remove tags from multiple issues at once (Note: This feature is only available to project and account admins)

Show Me Issues that Don’t Have a Certain Tag

Another common request has been for an option to “show all issues that do not have tags: {tag1, tag2, …}.”  While tossing this idea around we realized that this feature could actually provide a nice dose of extendability to our DoneDone unicorn, so we made it happen! This new filter provides yet another way for our users to customize their DoneDone experience. 

Using the above “release environments” example, let’s say you’ve pushed a release build to your PROD environment (tagging them with on_production). In order to know which issues remain on TEST, you’d have to remove the on_test tag from each of the issues that are now on PROD.  Although it’s now easier with the bulk remove feature above, that’s still a bit cumbersome. However, now you can simply find all issues that are fixed on TEST, but not on PROD.

There are two places you will find this filtering gem, and first up is the Tags dropdown on the dashboard view:

Tagging Filter Dropdown
Quickly show issues that have or do not have specific tags

If you guessed that the next place would be DoneDone’s custom filter creator, then you are correct! We’ve added a “Not Including Tag(s)” field to give your next awesome, super-specific, custom filter a functional boost:

Not Tag(s) in Custom Filter Creator
Create custom filters that include or do not include tags

Tag it Up

Well, there you have it. You’re now free to get in there and start tagging and untagging to your heart’s content. We really hope you enjoy these tagging updates, and that they help you to be more efficient with DoneDone. As always, we love hearing feedback about these updates (and DoneDone in general), so feel free to reach out and let us know how things are going!

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