New Feature: Pasting Screenshots

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a screenshot is worth a thousand bug reports!

If you build websites or web/mobile/desktop apps, it’s always super helpful to include screenshots when logging issues. Not only do screenshots help everyone on your team see exactly what you’re experiencing, but they also prevent wasting time with the dreaded “Works on My Machine” auto-response.

While you’ve always been able to attach screenshots to DoneDone issues, the process required you first save the screenshot as a local image file, then drop the image into DoneDone. It was a multi-step process that also could leave your desktop with a mess of image shortcuts.

Last week, we made a time-saving update for Chrome users. You can now simply take a screenshot, then paste it directly from your clipboard into DoneDone:


Now there’s no need to waste time saving your screenshot image to your desktop!

Not sure how to take a screenshot?

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