New additions to DoneDone: Admin issues, linking to other issues, api additions, and bulk issue tagging

Last Wednesday, we updated all DoneDone accounts with a bunch of long-awaited updates. It’s been a little over a month since we launched a major update to DoneDone, so we’re excited this has finally passed. Here’s what’s new:

Issue management for administrators
We now allow administrators more control over all issues within a project. Admins can now do the following on any issue in DoneDone:

  • Change the priority level of an issue
  • Re-assign the issue to another person
  • Close (or re-open) any issues

If you’re an admin, you’ll notice a new label at the top of each issue detail page displaying the current mode of the issue. By default, all issues appear in normal mode.

If you want to change the priority level, re-assign, or close/re-open any issue, click the “Switch to admin mode” link. The issue will then refresh in admin mode. Clicking the link again will return the issue back to normal mode.

We know many of you have been waiting for this feature for a few months. We spent weeks contemplating how to best modify the interface while adding as little visual clutter while making it clear when you are (or are not) in admin mode. Hopefully, this does the trick. We appreciate your patience!

Linking to other issues in your DoneDone project
We’ve had a few requests to allow linking between related issues. Now, you can link an issue to another issue within a comment or description by simply typing in the issue number with a # sign. If the issue exists, DoneDone will create a link to that issue.

New additions to the API
We’ve added the following capabilities to the API. We hope this gives you greater flexibility in creating third-party apps for DoneDone:

  • GetIssue lets you get the details of a particular issue (create date, update date, title, description, creator, resolver, status, project id, files, history, and tags)
  • GetIssuesInProject allows you to get all issues in a project. By default, all details of an issue are returned but none of the history. You may optionally choose to load history as well (comments, status changes, etc) for each issue, though expect this to potentially take a while.
  • CreateIssue lets you pass in a string array of tags
  • CreateIssue also lets you create an issue on behalf of someone if you are an admin.

Add tags to bulk loaded issues
Last month, we released a new feature – bulk upload issues using a CSV file. We now allow you to optionally include a comma-separated list of tags for each issue. For more information, click the “Import issues using CSV” link at the bottom of a project’s home page. (Note: The DoneDone Importer can now be found at

We hope you enjoy these new features. As always, let us know how you’re feeling using our forums page at GetSatisfaction, connecting with us on Twitter, or emailing us.

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