Much ado about some buttons

Some of our own clients have been having trouble closing issues with DoneDone. Alot of times, we’ll get an email saying that an issue was not fixed, but the message from the creator says “Thanks for fixing this bug!”

Turns out, it’s had to do with some less-than-optimal UI. Here’s the way we used to display the Fixed vs. Not-fixed buttons on an issue.

The problem seems to stem from a truth we’ve all known since the beginning of web development time: Few people read anything on a web app. Or, more specifically, few people read anything who’s main function is something other than to be read.

In our old button layout, the default option feels like “Not Fixed.” It’s longer, contrasted more from the yellow background, and to the left. The exception option feels like “Fixed!”. But, in reality (and fortunately), bugs sent for retesting usually are fixed. The default option should be reversed. So, when a creator wants to mark it fixed, it feels like you should click the left button – unless you actually read the words.

In our new layout, we’ve changed the default.

Now, the obvious must-click option is “This is Fixed!”. Notice the subtle, but critical changes:

  • The more-likely option (“This is Fixed!”), is on the left.
  • The more-likely option is bigger. We changed the wording from just “Fixed!” to “This is Fixed!” Perhaps, it’s a rare case where being a bit more verbose is better than being overly succinct. After all, no one’s reading the text anyways. It’s main function is to make the button bigger.
  • The more-likely option really stands out color-wise. Green is probably a better indicator for “Fixed” than dark gray anyways.

We hope these subtle changes prevent you or your client from clicking the wrong button. After all, that’s not a great way to finish an issue strong.

Thanks again for your continued support of DoneDone. Get in touch with us on Twitter or talk to us at GetSatisfaction.

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