Making the switch from DoneDone Classic to DoneDone 2

Making the switch from DoneDone Classic to DoneDone 2

Last week we shared the big news about launching DoneDone 2. As Mike wrote in our sneak peek, what started as a few updates quickly evolved into a new product once we realized the potential of what it could be.

DoneDone Classic is mainly geared toward tracking and resolving software issues; DoneDone 2 has a wider reach across various facets of your business. With custom workflows, more detailed reports, a redesigned user experience, and a new customer support feature, it’s a direct reflection of what many of you have asked for.

Inform your decision with a trial run

Some of you have been asking about how to sign into your new account. Because DoneDone 2 is so different from Classic, you can try out DoneDone 2 for free before committing to switch. Classic users will not automatically switch over —you’ll need to sign up for a new trial if you’d like to try DoneDone 2.

If you know you want to stick with Classic, then carry on as usual! If and when you do decide to start a new trial, you can import your projects from Classic and test it out before making a final decision.

Go with what feels right

Whether you’ve been with us for five years or five days, we’ll never force you to make a change you’re not ready for. If you find that DoneDone Classic is a better fit after trying out DoneDone 2, then we’re happy to have you there!

Alternatively, if you like what you’re seeing with DoneDone 2, we hope you’ll give it a try. As an added perk, we’re offering an early bird special of 30% off for 12 months if you sign up before July 31st using the promo code earlybird.

Change doesn’t have to be hard

We know change can be frustrating. Learning and adjusting to a new system can cause setbacks, disruptions, and a killer headache. This is partially why we decided to make DoneDone 2 a completely separate product. With so many updates, it didn’t make sense to plop them into DoneDone Classic and hope for the best.

And as DoneDone broadens to address more issues and a changing customer base, we hope to accommodate the needs of new and long-time users alike, while staying true to our mission to keep things simple.

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