Latest release: speedier, more intuitive navigation

Welcome to our newest release! 🙌

This one is all about speed and convenience. We've overhauled the navigation so you can move quickly and easily through your projects.  

Watch this video to see our creator-in-chief, Ka Wai Cheung, walk you through these updates.

A consistent breadcrumb

We've tidied up the navigation and made it faster so you can get to where you want to go. You'll find the breadcrumb on mailbox and project listing pages, as well as task and conversation tickets. This makes it easier to see where you've come from and get to the detail page you need.

Once on a detail  page, you can quickly switch between projects & mailboxes, filters, and tickets with ease.

We hope you find these changes helpful! 🙌

Cleaner ticket overview

Screen Shot 2022-02-16 at 10.00.33 AM

We've cleaned up the ticket overview so you can get a quick and easy read of all the important ticket info. Things like title, assignee, priority, status, and due date are all still included, but we've made it easier to navigate through tickets with consolidated next, previous, and back controls.

You'll find these controls conveniently anchored in the upper left of your ticket. Now you can quickly step through everything that's happening in your project.

A few additions from our product roadmap

We've been hard at work on a few new improvements from our roadmap too. You can now edit incoming conversations and replies, so you can make sure everything is just the way you want it. And things will stay sticky when they ought to be. 🙂

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