Just Released: Zapier Integration

Last week, we released our first ever integration with Zapier.

If you're not familiar with Zapier, it's a service that lets you connect web apps together to automate common tasks.

For instance, you may want to use a Zap that creates a new DoneDone task every time a row is added to a Google Sheet. Or, you might want to use a Zap that adds a user in DoneDone every time they're added to Basecamp. There are over 1,500 available apps to connect together in Zapier.Here's a quick video introduction showing how to make a "Zap" with DoneDone.

Helpful links

Since our integration is new, we have not yet gotten it listed in Zapier's public integration directory.

  • However, you can click this link to be invited to use DoneDone in your own Zap.
  • Here's our full documentation including all the available Zapier triggers and actions.

We're excited to see what common tasks you'll be automating with Zapier!

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