Just Released: Harvest Integration

Just Released: Harvest Integration

Today, we’re excited to announce we’ve released an integration with the popular time-tracking app, Harvest. You can now track time on any task or conversation right within the app. It’s been one of our most popular integrations in Classic, and now it’s part of both of our products.

To add Harvest, go to your mailbox or project, click the settings icon and select “Integrations”. Then, open up the “Harvest” panel, and simply turn it on.

Now, when you go to any item in that mailbox or project, you’ll see a “Track Time” icon at the top.

If the name of your DoneDone mailbox or project matches the name of a Harvest project, we’ll automatically pre-select it for you. Also, the description will default to the title of whatever you’re working on. From here, you can enter in a specific time or start the Harvest timer.

On the Harvest side of things, your time entry will have a direct link back to your DoneDone task or conversation.

That’s it! We hope this makes getting stuff done (and billing for it) a whole lot simpler.

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