June 2020: Auto-Saving, Consolidating Tags, and More

Over the past month, we've been busy releasing some small feature improvements to DoneDone. Here are a few highlights.

No more "I closed my window" accidents

Don't worry again about accidentally closing the browser or refreshing your page while you're in the middle of creating a ticket, commenting, or replying to a customer. DoneDone automatically saves what you've written until you've sent your message.

If you refresh your page or close your window, just go back to your conversation or task and continue where you left off.

Remembering what you chose last

Continuing with the theme of saving data, DoneDone also will remember a few other things for you:

  • Your most recent default/custom filter selection on a mailbox or project home page. You might prefer to look at unassigned conversations in your Customer Support mailbox, but your assigned tasks in your Marketing Website project. Choose whichever filters you prefer within each mailbox or project and DoneDone will pull that filter up by default every time you come back.
  • Your dashboard view. Toggle between the "card" or "list" view and we'll keep it that way the next time you go back to the dashboard.

Consolidated tag updates

On a task or conversation, you can add or remove as many tags as you like. In the past, each tag update was tracked in the history. That mean if you made multiple updates, DoneDone would display each update as a separate line item. This got cumbersome to read if you made several updates at once.

Now, tag updates made by the same person within a one-minute window are consolidated as a single line item. So, you can continue to adjust your tags without worrying about each update bloating your history.

asdf asdfsad fasdfasdf
When adding or removing multiple tags, the history will show this as a single line rather than multiple ones.

View HTML emails directly in your conversation

Previously, whenever an HTML version of an incoming conversation was available, clicking the "View HTML version" link would open up a new window. Now, they'll appear directly within the conversation detail so you don't lose focus. If you'd still like to view them in a new window, just right-click the link.

View HTML versions of incoming conversations directly on your page

Enhanced status and priority dropdowns

Status and priority dropdown options are now styled just like their labels. This should make particularly long lists of status options easier to sift through when changing a task or conversation status.

Priority and status options have gotten a rebrush

It's been a busy month of small improvements. We have some exciting, bigger features in queue over the coming months that we can't wait to share. Stay tuned!

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