I’ve Got 99 Problems But Problem Tracking Ain’t One

problem tracking software

The purpose of DoneDone is as simple as our problem tracking software itself — we make it easy to track issues from both your team as well as your own customers. Here are some common work-related issues DoneDone can solve as well as some personal problems we’re afraid we can’t help you with.

Task assignment vs. office theft

DoneDone makes task management (internal problem tracking) super intuitive. Our issue tracking system allows you to create tasks, assign them to team members, track progress, set deadlines and notify others when a task has been completed or needs more information. You can even set the priority level for a task and your progress on it. That keeps your to-do list organized. Way better than a spreadsheet! But your coworker who keeps eating your leftovers? Sorry, there’s nothing we can do about that.

problem tracking software

Customer support & customer issue tracking vs. your jerk cat

With DoneDone, you can effortlessly manage customer support tickets (external problem tracking) while tracking issues, feedback or questions via email. One of our most popular features is Public Issues, which is basically a customer support add-on to our bug tracking system. It’s our version of a help desk, simplified! Public Issues lets anyone submit a problem or incident to your DoneDone project via a custom email address that you can then resolve the same way you would for an internal project. Unfortunately, when it comes to your cat passive-aggressively using your slippers as a litter box, you’re on your own.

jerk cat

Communication at work vs. communication at home

Email, IM, Skype, carrier pigeon — there are just too many ways to talk to each other about work these days. Luckily, DoneDone streamlines conversations in a number of different ways:

  • When using Public Issues to manage customer support tickets, you can keep internal conversations with your team private. External parties can only see what you want them to see.
  • You can CC any number of teammates when updating an issue, which helps keep the right people in the loop.
  • You can integrate DoneDone with other apps such Slack so you have all your communication in one central place.
  • However, the lack of communication between you and your spouse during dinnertime is sadly out of our control.

Mobile app vs. your relatives on Facebook

We offer a robust mobile app for iPhone and iPad that includes the most essential features of DoneDone for when you’re working on the go. You can filter issues by due date, tags or issue type. It’s too bad the political memes your brother-in-law won’t stop posting on Facebook is not something our app can help with.

Tagging vs. your receding hairline

When you’re juggling different projects at once, it’s easy to lose track of important updates. That’s why DoneDone helps you stay organized and find things easier through tagging — you can add tags easily on the fly without having to edit the whole issue or and look them up on your Issue List dashboard. We offer several automated ways to manage tags and let you search for problem tickets that have (or don’t have) a specific tag. We can definitely help you solve customer issues. We just wish we could help more with the male pattern balding.

problem tracking tagging

Accountability vs. your cruel coworkers

Part of good teamwork is keeping each other accountable. Our online ticketing system clearly shows which tasks belong to whom, the status of a task, its deadline and its level of priority — that way you can analyze the workflow and see that there is no confusion about who’s responsible for fixing something. More transparency and clearer communication generally mean better business. If only our software could assign someone to tell you about the mustard stain on your shirt everyone’s secretly laughing about.

How to solve the problems you have some control over

There are some things we can never fix, like the way your boss’s nasal passage squeaks during routine breathing. But for everything else, we made DoneDone. It’s the simple problem tracking software designed to help teams get things done quickly. If only we could help with rush hour traffic…Start using DoneDone today for free! Click here.

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