Improved Exports and Image Attachments

We’re excited to announce two big updates to DoneDone today: more robust issue export options, and a new way to attach images to your issues.

Export All Issues (and Histories!)

First up, we’ve updated the Export Issues feature with some new options:

  • All Issues: Download all issues in your account, or all issues in a single project.
  • All Issue History in Project: Download all issues in a single project, including full histories (comments, updates, attachments, etc).
  • Visible Issues: Only download the issues that are displayed on your Issue List dashboard.
  • Visible Issue History: Only download histories for the issues currently displayed.

As always, you can choose to export in CSV or Excel format.

The new export menu
The new export menu

Embed Image Attachments

When you attach images to an issue or comment, you can now embed them directly within your comment text. This is a great way to easily reference screenshots or other visual aids, without making your users click to open attachment links.

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