How DoneDone replaced email for a property management group

Charlie Meek, CEO of R and P Management

We’re always excited to hear how our customers are using DoneDone. From weddings, to large projects, to everyday team interactions, DoneDone helps you get it, well, done.

But what really excites us is how people take DoneDone and make it their own. A great example of this is with our customer, Charlie Meek, CEO of R and P Property Managers, Inc.

Charlie was looking for an interactive, engaging organization tool that would help get his property management group to better communicate and engage with homeowner association board members, vendors and attorneys.

“I did a lot of research before finding DoneDone. I wanted something we could access from anywhere, on anything,” Charlie said. “We also wanted something that would help us easily organize everything from suggestions to financials. We tried a lot of different programs, but none did a great job.”

When Charlie came across DoneDone, he had a gut feeling this was the tool he had been envisioning all along.

“I knew what I wanted, and we’re not in the business of developing software, so it became a longer search. When we found DoneDone, we just said, ‘This is it.’ DoneDone saves me not just a little time. This saves me ALL the time,” Charlie said.

A few months into using the issue tracker, it completely replaced email for his major stakeholders and vendors, and helped everyone stay on the same page with more transparent communication and timelines.

“The best thing about DoneDone is it’s just super easy. Especially for the non-tech folks, they can reply to issues through their emails and it all goes to the same system,” Charlie said. “Our board members love it because it’s easy on them. They reply to an email, it automatically goes exactly where it needs to on our DoneDone account, and they’re finished. They’re heard.”

The fast-growing property management group’s revenue has grown more than 15 times since Charlie purchased the company in 2011. Needless to say, the tools they put in place along the way need to work as hard as they do.

That’s exactly what he’s finding with DoneDone. The easy-to-use issue tracker allows them to handle all of the administrative tasks they need to keep track of, from timelining to tagging issues/documents to make sure the data is easy to find later on by all being in one place.

“We’ve got a lot of people to juggle, from board of directors, attorneys, vendors, and volunteer board members,” Charlie said. “DoneDone saves my tail, so to speak, because it makes us all accountable. There are no more misunderstandings. You describe the issue, people make their responses. And it has made our entire company and members communicate better.”

Charlie loves that they can use DoneDone for simple things from tracking projects, to more complex things, such as showing unanimity by vote or being able to easily produce documents for lawsuits.

“Email seems like an easy thing – everyone is used to it. But you can’t organize things with it the way you can with DoneDone, like timelining, organizing, tagging, attaching documents and images. It’s just not as easy as it is with DoneDone, and things get lost easily in email threads,” Charlie said.

When DoneDone was created, we had never thought of an HOA or property management group using it. In fact, our tool was born out of our own frustrations as developers with bloated tools that had more features than we would ever use.

It’s exciting to be able to see the growth of DoneDone, and how it works for so many people in so many different industries on different projects – both technical and non-technical.

Has DoneDone made a difference for you or in your company? Drop us a line and let’s chat about it!

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