Fix Issues With DoneDone. Track Time With Harvest.

We have exciting news! As of today, DoneDone integrates with Harvest – the time-tracking application that we, and thousands of other companies, use to track and bill time efficiently. We think it will be a perfect marriage. Harvest makes something as onerous as time tracking palatable, just as we try to make issue tracking a painless endeavor.

You can now track time directly against an issue. Simply go into any issue page and click the stopwatch icon in the comments box to open the Harvest time-tracking popup.

Click the stopwatch icon to track time in Harvest
Click the stopwatch icon to track time in Harvest.

If this is your first time tracking an issue within a DoneDone project, the Harvest popup will ask you to link this project to the corresponding project in Harvest. If you are not an administrator in Harvest, you’ll be prompted to nag your Harvest administrator to get that set up. Once you’ve linked your DoneDone project to a Harvest project, any new issues you track time to within that project will automagically pop open the same project in Harvest.

Track your time directly within a DoneDone issue.
Track your time directly within a DoneDone issue.

In addition, you can use Harvest’s nifty timer feature to start and stop the timer. This is great for companies that use DoneDone religiously during the QA or pre-release phase of a project. These times are often hectic, and for developers, time tracking tends to lag for days or weeks. With this new feature available per issue, you don’t have to “break form” to track time as you’re fixing bugs.

Start the Harvest timer for more accurate time tracking.
Start the Harvest timer for more accurate time tracking.

Finally, when you submit time from DoneDone, your comment will be linked back to your DoneDone issue from Harvest. This makes it convenient for admins running reports and vetting where time was spent – you don’t have to pester your employees for exactly what “worked on stuff” meant, if it’s tracked to a specific issue.

Comments entered in DoneDone will appear in Harvest with a link back to the originating issue.

Harvest users, speak up!

We’d love to know how Harvest in DoneDone is helping your workflow, and where else you might find it useful within DoneDone. Send us your feedback via email or Twitter (@getdonedone).

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