Five days of DoneDone

Beginning Monday, I’ll be starting a 5-day blog post series introducing DoneDone, our simpler, smarter issue tracking tool (and it’s all web-based). I’ve written about it a few times in the past few months, but now we’re finally ready to release. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Monday: Real-time responsibility with DoneDone
  • Tuesday: How we handle issues
  • Wednesday: Searching issues with DoneDone
  • Thursday: Integrating with DoneDone
  • Friday: Release builds

The 5-day post series will give you a pretty good overview of our first live WAM product.

So what is it?
DoneDone is a simple, smart issue tracking tool to finish projects strongly. We built it because the way we’ve tracked bugs for projects with clients and internal projects hasn’t gone as smoothly as we think it can. Other bug/issue trackers feel like glorified Excel spreadsheets. We wanted to build something that focused on the people and process, not the issues themselves.

Who’s it for?
Small companies, businesses, or individuals who use a bug or issue tracker for internal or client projects. If you’ve used tools like FogBugz, Elementool, Bugzilla, Mantis, or just plain old Excel to track “things that need fixing” you owe it to yourself to try ours.

When’s it coming out?
We are tentatively scheduled to release the application for sale on Wednesday, April 15th, pending some final testing next week. We’ll announce the official date early next week.

How much is it?
We’re launching with a free trial version and a paid version. The free trial will give you 30 days to play around with DoneDone. You can create one project to track issues against. The paid version costs $24 per month for the first project, and then $19$5 per month for each additional project. We let you archive projects so you aren’t paying for ones you’re done with.

The paid version also gives you plenty of storage for file attachments (2 GB) and access to our web service API.

Stay tuned…

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