Eat Media on DoneDone: Almost everyone has said, "This is the perfect bug tracker."

Eat Media is a no-nonsense content development company with a passion for writing. We recently asked Ian Alexander, Vice President of Eat Media, to talk to us about how DoneDone has helped them get stuff done.

On DoneDone’s intentional simplicity…

I appreciate the “talk to me when I need to be talked to” aspect of this software. It cuts down on the too many cooks in the kitchen issues.

I’ve tried almost all of them from using MS Project to Bugzilla, Fogcreek software (FogBugz), custom developed, Dynamsoft, Excel and many others I happily forget the names of. I think I have been on the hunt for DoneDone since 1997 or so.

Why did I switch? Because it works and people use it. Those are really the two must haves for bug tracking. The umpteen other features are unnecessary for 90% of the projects we do and have done in the past.

On DoneDone’s pay-per-project, rather than tiered, pricing structure…

Dig it. Our company utilizes many of the best-in-breed SAAS model systems to run our operations. With multiple offices and hundreds of vendors to manage we have to take advantage of scalable online systems to stay competitive. The pay-per-project aspect and ability to cancel at any time definitely helped me try out the product.

On how it’s helped create order out of potential chaos…

The end of a project is a time when clarity is of the utmost importance. If one person is emailing you daily and another is sending you Excel sheets at the end of the week, and yet another is exporting out of their internal bug-tracking system that an intern built in FileMaker Pro over the summer in 2001…and you’re not using DoneDone, you’re in trouble.

On what makes DoneDone stand out…

Almost everyone has said, “This is the perfect bug tracker.” In my experience, the biggest hurdle with most bug tracking systems is getting people to use it.

We use DoneDone for almost all of our external projects, especially those that relate to digital deliverables. I cannot imagine trying to manage external resources in the middle and end of projects without [it]. Simplicity sometimes has a negative connotation but with Donedone the simplicity is incredibly empowering.

Follow Eat Media on their blog or on Twitter. Thanks for the feedback Ian!

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