Want to try the new DoneDone?

In an email and post earlier last week, we let everyone know (even this guy) that we’re working towards releasing a much-improved DoneDone at the end of September. Well, two weeks ago, we started using the new DoneDone to log issues for, well, the new DoneDone. And we didn’t implode. As expected,  we got a good glimpse into what’s working and what’s not. And while there’s still a lot of work to do,  we figured it’s a good time to get a few customers in to try things on for size.

See the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Our plan is to set up sandbox accounts for those who want them- free of charge. You can add a few of your customers and colleagues, create as many projects and issues as you’d like, and see how everything feels.

Something amiss? Help us fix it.

In addition to creating you a testing account, we’ll also add you to our test account. You’ll be able to toggle to our account (a new feature) and assign issues directly to the DoneDone team. How gratifying, I know.

Sound good?

We want to make this easy. If you want in, then please send an email to accounts[at]mydonedone.com, noting your full name and current DoneDone account subdomain.

Finally, the testing you do in this sandbox account will not interfere with your ‘real’ DoneDone account. You’ll have a fresh, blank slate to work with so that you can test end to end. When it comes time for us to release v2 at the end of September, we’ll be migrating all of your v1 account and not this test account.

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