DoneDone Updates: Re-open public issues, more clarity, and a font reset.

Howdy folks! We’ve been busy working on a handful of items in our DoneDone backlog. There’s more to come but here’s what’s already available.

1. Re-open closed or fixed public issues when customers reply

You can now configure closed or fixed Public Issues to automatically re-open if a customer replies back. They might be writing to tell you something’s still not working or something else came up or just to say “Got it, thanks!”. Whatever the reason, this feature ensures customer responses get answered—even if it’s just to send back a “You’re welcome!”

This setting is now available right from the Public Issues settings panel inside of a project:

Configure Public Issues to automatically re-open if a customer replies to a closed or fixed issue.
Configure Public Issues to automatically re-open if a customer replies to a closed or fixed issue.
If a conversation was previously closed or fixed, a customer reply will automatically re-open it.
If enabled, a previously closed or fixed conversation will re-open after a customer replies.

We have a few other updates in queue for Public Issues. Soon, for instance, you’ll be able to mark an issue closed or fixed at the same time you’re replying to a customer, rather than doing this in two steps. Stay tuned.

2. “Who’s got mail?”

When commenting on an issue, you’ve always been able to loop other members on the project into the issue. But, it wasn’t always clear who already would receive emails. From our wording to the design—it just didn’t feel quite right and it wasn’t particularly clear.

Who's getting emails about my comment?
Who’s getting emails about my comment?

We did away with the radio buttons and replaced the confusing language with a list of exactly who’s getting the email. We think this is a lot more clear now. We’ve also added a reminder that you can use @-mentions to loop people in as well.

Clearing up who will be emailed on your comment.
We’ve cleared up who will be emailed on your comment.

3. Global font updates

For our typography enthusiasts, we’ve also refreshed our font stack throughout the web app. For years, we’ve used a combination of fonts from foundries like and Typekit. While they’ve been core to our visual identity, they also came with trade-offs in performance and readability.

So, we’ve decided to trade these back. We’re now employing standard system fonts that will both render quickly and read optimally regardless of the operating system or device you use. It’s one of those changes that might make you do a double-quick just once, but you get quickly accustomed to.

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