DoneDone Update: Multiple issue actions at once

Happy 2018! Today, we’re excited to announce an update to working with issues.

Previously, if you wanted to update the priority level, change the status, or assign a new tester or fixer, you either had to do these as distinct steps on the issue detail page, or click into the Edit screen — a feature only available to project admins.  Now, you can do multiple actions on an issue in one step. Here’s how the new interface looks:

Update multiple actions on an issue by clicking the appropriate links and making your selection.

When making updates on an issue detail page, just click on all the actions you’d like to take and dropdowns will appear below. If you want to undo something, just click the action link again or the X icon to the right of the dropdown.

We think this will be a huge time saver for a number of common scenarios like…

  • Raising a priority level while marking an issue as “Fix not Confirmed”
  • Downgrade a priority level while marking an issue as being On Hold
  • Changing both fixers and testers simultaneously if new team members are brought on or rotated frequently

In addition, we made a small update to the interface for scenarios like confirming an issue is fixed. Previously, DoneDone displayed submit buttons corresponding to status changes (e.g. “Fixed!” and “Not fixed” buttons). We’ve changed this to radio buttons as shown below. If you don’t want to change the status, simply select the “Don’t change status” option.

A cleaner interface for guided actions (like marking an issue as Fixed or Not fixed)


We hope you like these changes. As always, we love your feedback. Contact us at our support page or via Twitter @getdonedone for anything else we can do to make your issue tracker better!


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