DoneDone Tip: Good Issue Ettiquette

Even though DoneDone has an issue status called “Need more information”, it’d be ideal if it was never used in 90% of all cases. Help the developer get you a fix by providing the quick facts you know they need.

  1. Provide a screenshot and/or link to the page where the issue is happening
  2. Which browser, browser version, and operating system did the issue occur in?
  3. Detail the prior steps and clicks you took to recreate the bug.
  4. Were you logged in as a test user when the bug occurred? What were the credentials of that user?
  5. Finally, only log one problem per issue.

If you’re tired of typing “IE 6 on PC, duh” then create a Tag for that browser/OS combination.

The little bit of time it takes to provide this info will go a long way towards getting everyone home in time for dinner. Let there be pizza.

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