DoneDone Tip: Does DoneDone ever sleep?

What should DoneDone do when you’re not testing? A few customers have asked about hibernating their account while they’re in development or design. My response has been, “why’d you wanna do that?”. There’s plenty of other ways DoneDone can help a team manage requests, issues, or problems regardless of ‘where’ the project is in it’s life cycle.

Take functional specifications, for example. Your programming team will probably be vetting business logic documents at the beginning of their programming cycle. DoneDone is great to log and manage issues they find in those documents – treat the whole thing just as if it was your client finding issues in your application. Only, you’re assigning issues back to them, be they actuaries, project managers, doctors, or mechanical engineers.

Or, how about working with the contractors who are remodeling your office? We’ve got a couple of customers who are using DoneDone to manage their construction businesses.  They use it for physical quality assurance with their customers, and to manage armies of contractors in the field.

Regardless of where your project is at, there’s probably a problem managing tasks and issues. DoneDone can help.

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You'll love these too

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