DoneDone Tip: Defect or Enhancement?

During our client testing phases, we get a good percentage of issues assigned to us which really aren’t defects or problems at all. They’re requests to have things built differently. It’s inevitable that certain features of a product will be met with varying degrees of satisfaction, so it’s important as a development team (in any industry) to stand your ground and help your stakeholder team distinguish the difference between “this is built wrong” and “this is built right, but I think it should …”.

One way DoneDone can help is with tags:

  1. Make sure testers tag all new issues as “defects” or  “enhancements” (
  2. Next, set up (and save) custom searches for each tag to help prioritize tasks ( 
  3. Finally, when an issue is assigned to a developer, but not tagged correctly, the dev can edit the tags themselves to get them in the right queue ( 
  4. As for the conversation between the developer and the tester to point out the difference? Sometimes you need a guy like this to help with the smooth talk.

Have a good week, DoneDone’rs

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