DoneDone Public Release – 11/11/11

Well, it’s the end of Corduroy Day (11/11/11?), so we thought we’d wrap it up with a rippin’ build. Here’s a few notes about the updates we just released live a few moments ago. 

Update to Email Notifications

We released a new email layout for DoneDone notifications. The primary reason for the update was to make the layout read better across different devices. The old layout was a fixed width which made issue emails look like Chicago does from 15,000 feet in the air.

How DoneDone emails looked this morning

In the new emails, we removed most of the visual styling in favor of allowing the text to flow freely. We tried to improve the relevance of certain elements, such as the ‘what happened’ text and the What’s Next? links. Now, regardless of how you’re viewing the emails (iPhone, PC, etc.),  the experience will be cohesive and more legible.

How DoneDone emails look this evening

A final tweak to the design is in the convention we use for the email’s subject. In the old email, we used the convention: #123 – Project Name – Action. The new format is a bit more declarative and follows the format [Action which happened] Project Name #123. The added benefit is that the most important information is at the front of the subject so devices with limited real estate, such as mobile phones, will present the most useful information first.

Issue Activity

Also in this build is a streamlining of the Issue Activity layout. We split the contents of a activity update into three columns (from two), by placing the event’s order number (#1, #2, etc.). You’ll also notice that some of the text formatting and layout within an event has been updated to improve scanability. Finally, editing an issue no longer creates bloated entry in Issue Activity. We took all of the ‘changes’ and put them into a toggle-able summary which is collapsed by default.

How Issue Activity looked this morning
How Issue Activity looks this evening

Update to how tags are sorted

Lastly, but not leastly, Tags in the right-hand column got a bit of an update too. Now, we’re showing the top 5 tags by default, and by clicking “view all tags” you’ll get an alphabetical listing of all tags used across the project. Hooha!

An updated tag sort
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