DoneDone Public Release – 12/02/11

Hey folks, here’s a summary of what’s new or updated in DoneDone as of this early evening. If this is the first time you’ve visited the We Are Mammoth blog, well, then welcome! We Are Mammoth is the company which builds DoneDone. We post updates and musings on DoneDone pretty regularly here, always using the tag ‘DoneDone’.

Please be in touch with any questions, comments, or shouts!

Edit a comment

You can now edit a comment if it’s within 30 minutes of creating it. If you’re curious, yes, you can also remove/add attachments while editing. A long time coming, and now it’s here. I believe Bruce Springsteen sang that at some point. Note: only the comment’s author can edit a comment, and once the 30 minutes has passed, that’s it, it’s written in stone. 

Edit a comment
Edit a comment for 30 minutes. Then, it turns to stone!

Alert system

Our in-app alert system will allow us to communicate site downtime & updates to the entire DoneDone userbase. We could’ve done this using regular email, but this is cleaner, and less spammy. In addition to global alerts, we’ll also be able to send communications to specific users and accounts. We will not be using this as a platform to discuss my fascination with ‘real snail mail’, which is real by the way.

An alert system on the dashboard
Alerts for maintenance, system downtime, etc.

Remember me? Well, do ya?

Click the Remember Me option on the sign in screen. It’s simple. DoneDone will remember you. For 20 years. We removed it a few weeks ago to work out some session/cookie kinks which seem to have gone the way of the dodo. And good riddance. It’s back again, and should be stable. We’re sorry it took a bit.

Remember me via sign-in
Forget those pesky usernames and passwords. Click "Remember me".
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