DoneDone 10/3/2011 Public Release

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting several builds to production. Most of the time, these won’t require any downtime, so we’ll give some updates via @getdonedone. If/when we need to go dark, we’ll give advance notice. We’ll release a post here on the blog with some of the updates. Thanks again to everyone who’s sending in issues and comments. Very helpful. Now, here’s whats headed up to production. In this evening’s build

  • The “Edit Issues” feature on project landing page was giving you options you may not have a need for. For example, it now doesn’t show you an option to move issues to another project if you only have one project.
  • There was a logic problem with importing empty companies from Basecamp and/or not selecting anyone to import from a Basecamp project. 
  • Speaking of empty companies, if you manually created a company and left it blank, it got inserted in the database, but it was nowhere to be found in the UI. So, now even empty companies (not of the Basecamp flavor!) will show up in the Companies & People listing.  
  • There was a bit of Latin placeholder text left in a tertiary page. It said something along the lines of “Well if that pizza was meant to be eaten, it certainly didn’t belong under the mattress now did it”. We decided this text has no place in an issue tracking app. 

Other than that, we verified some issues folks were having such as sensitive spam filters and a few quirky behaviors with some transitioned data. Not much to do there except be aware and keep watching for patterns. None today, though.

What’s that? You have questions? Well, then, head over to and choose a way to get in touch. Or just leave a comment here. Or, twitter is nice too (

Have a lovely evening and/or start of the work day, should you be somewhere between here and Mumbai. If you’re in Melbourne, it’s cookie-break time.

-The DoneDone team

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