The new DoneDone: how pricing is changing

Well, if you haven’t read enough about the new DoneDone yet, then here’s some details about the new pricing plans going into effect on November 1st. If you’re not too read up yet, we’re releasing a new DoneDone on October 1st, and giving everyone a free month to kick the tires. On November 1st, our new pricing model will swing into action and every DoneDone account will automatically be placed into one of the new plans.

How pricing works today

Currently, DoneDone charges on a per-project basis. Everyone pays $15/month for 3 projects, then $2/month for each additional project. With that $15/month plan, all DoneDone customers get 2GB of storage.

How it will be as of November 1st, 2011

Starting November 1st, 2011, DoneDone will move to a tiered-pricing model, similar to most other online applications. Instead of charging by the project, though, our plans will be based on the number of users actively using your DoneDone account. Here’s how the plans will break down:

Why the change?

The new plan helps create real-value based on real usage. It’ll help customers like you have a more predictable bill from month to month, and it will help us create a more predictable operational model for DoneDone and future products.

Most customers will be paying the same or less than they do today. Many will actually pay $0/month because they fall under the moonlighter plan. Inevitably, a few will be paying more. If that’s the case, you’ll have a whole month to deactivate users who aren’t actually participating in your DoneDone account.

A free month to say thanks

Lastly, all DoneDone customers will be getting a free month of DoneDone in October regardless of which plan you’ll fit into. This is our way of saying thanks to everyone. It’s been your feedback and patronage which has fueled this fantasic overhaul to DoneDone. We hope you love what you see!

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