DoneDone Preview: Drag & Drop files, SVN & Git integration

It’s been a busy two weeks for us and we’re stoked to be releasing two great new features this Saturday, January 20th at about 1:00 PM CST.

NOTE: There will be a bit of downtime, probably about 30 minutes. We’ll be posting an in-app alert as a reminder, and will otherwise update via Twitter (@getdonedone)

Drag & Drop your files directly into DoneDone

Adding a file to a website the old way is a time suck. You click “upload a file”, navigate to the file, select it, then upload it. Then, you do it again if you’ve got more than one to share. You’ll now be able to drag multiple files from your desktop directly into DoneDone. That’s it. They automatically upload and you can preview them right then and there. This feature is available anywhere you can upload a file: creating a new issue, adding a comment, or editing either.

Here’s now it looks:

Now for the Microsoft disclaimer: If you’re using Internet Explorer, well, you’ll get the old experience. This feature is available for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers with acceptable support for HTML5.

This will save you time. Pure and simple. The only thing missing now is an integrated screenshot tool. Eh-hmmm, any takers?

Update issues via Beanstalk SVN & Git commits

One of the biggest requests from developers aside from a comprehensive API has been integration with Git and Subversion repositories. We’ve taken the first step with our friends at Wildbit by integrating with their Beanstalk service. Now, developers will have a full range of DoneDone commands they can include in their Git/SVN commits, such as changing status, adding comments, re-assigning, and so on.

We’ve gotten the basics done, and will be working with the crew at Wildbit to brush up presentation in their management application over the next couple of weeks. Once we’re up and running, we’ll publish some documentation on how to get the two working nicely. Next up for version control integration? Likely GitHub, Bitbucket and Codesion.

A few design tweaks

Finally, there’s a few improvements to our UI.

Status bars

The status bar notifications you see at the top of the page when you create an issue, pay an invoice, add a user, and so on, were a bit dry and the color strategy was wonky. We warmed things up a bit, and made a more intuitive color scheme.

Wow, that’s green.

In our last release, the dashboard got pretty green. It’s a bit much honestly, so we’ve introduced a couple of other colors to help those tired eyes pick the page apart.

A bit less green, a bit more blue


If you use an iPhone to access DoneDone you know that there’s no mobile version of the site. Well, that’s still the case, but we disabled the default capitalization from the sign in page so at least you’ll spend less time with validation errors, and more time inside the app.

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