DoneDone: A preview of our 12/02/11 release

Here’s what’s on tap this week as we prepare for Friday’s public DoneDone release.  As usual, we’ll be reminding folks what’s going on via Twitter and posting some release notes summarizing the updates. Oh, and that week you’re about to have? We hope its nice and simple.

Edit a comment

One customer writes “For the love of God, why can’t I edit a $%@#ing comment!”. Well, admins and comment authors will have a distinct period of time, probably 20 minutes, to edit a comment before it becomes hardened testament to your grammar (or potty-mouth).

Alert system

We’ll be releasing an in-app alert system which we’ll use to notify the broader DoneDone userbase about maintenence events, updates, and so on. Until now, we’ve only been able to communicate with account owners. In addition to global alerts, we’ll also be able to send communications to specific users and accounts. We will not be using this as a platform to discuss my fascination with ‘real snail mail’, which is real by the way.

Remember me? Well, do ya?

Now that everyone has permanently remembered their username and password for DoneDone, we’ll add the Remember Me option back into the sign in screen. We removed it a few weeks ago to work out some session/cookie kinks which seem to have gone the way of the dodo. And good riddance.

On the horizon?

Here’s a couple of items in the hopper to be released in the coming couple of weeks:

User reports

We’ll be adding an additional report into the Dashboard which currently is codenamed, well, User Reports. Eh-hmm. You’ll be able to select a company to see active issues across all active projects and users. Currently there is no way to easily see, let’s say, how many critical issues Ka Wai Cheung has across all of the projects he’s working on without visiting each project specifically.

Performance upgrades to user experience

We’ll be speeding up the issue detail page quite a bit by leaning on jQuery to avoid full page refreshes wherever possible.

UI updates

The good & plenty captain of industry, Anthony Bruno, will be implementing several updates to DoneDone’s design. All good things meant to increase prominence and hierarchy on the big-three pages: Dashboard, Project Landing, Issue Detail.

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You'll love these too

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